Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions regulate the relationship between you (the member) and the website STRKNG as well as dealing with your photographs and information. As called STRKNG, we understand this site, and possibly other forms of media, such as special apps for mobile devices.

  1. Membership
    1. Participation is open to everyone over the age of 18. Children under the age 18 require the consent of a legal guardian to open an account and submit their work to a portfolio.
    2. You agree to register with a valid e-mail address. All personal data has to be stated truthfully and your account kept up to date.
    3. Membership is free and begins with the confirmation of membership by STRKNG after successful registration. Membership is free. After successfully registering with STRKNG you receive a confirmation of membership. An annual subscription to an extended VIP-Account can be purchased to add further functions to your account.
    4. You agree to operate only one user account on STRKNG. If your account has been blocked, or you no longer can log in for any other reason, you are not authorized to create a new account, without the written consent of STRKNG.

  2. License Grant
    1. STRKNG is hereby granted rights to display and store your content on STRKNG in different sizes. All image rights remain with you and you will always be named as the right holder (and other people who were stated by you) in connection with your image on STRKNG.
    2. STRKNG gets the right to make your images shareable to social networks (e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter), therefor so-called "share buttons" will be displayed in context with your images.
      (Note: With the use of share buttons we can improve the formatting of shared information.)
    3. STRKNG receives the right to promote your profile and/or your photos on social networks and/or other digital and analogue channels in the context of STRKNG. Your pictures are always published with your name and where possible with a link to your profile.
      If you do not want this, disable the function "PromoteMe" in your settings, which is enabled by default. The settings of the function "PromoteMe" have no effect on the general "share buttons", as described in 2.ii.
      If any images with the “PromoteMe” function enabled had already been published on social networks and other media, they will not be deleted from these sites in case this function will be deactivated to a later date.

  3. Content
    1. Images are only permitted to be added in the specified topics. Images that do not match the criteria in that topic can be moved to a different topic or deleted at any time without notice for any reason.
    2. Topics with offensive, pornographic, racist, violent, discriminatory or other illegal content are not allowed and will be deleted. If a user violates these terms several times against our directive, he/she can be permanently excluded from STRKNG.
    3. We reserve the right to review your pictures and posts, edit, delete or block if they violate your membership obligations or the law. This also applies in cases of suspected infringement. We may delegate this right, for example, to other members. A claim for publication of images or contributions does not exist.

  4. Guarantees and indemnifications
    1. You warrant that you have all the required permits and sufficient rights to publish your content on STRKNG, in agreement to all the provisions in these terms and conditions.
    2. You set us free from all third party claims against us which are based on your submitted content e.g. infringement of their rights, particularly copyrights, licensing, competition or other proprietary rights. You have to compensate us the costs of any legal proceedings that arise as a result of your infringing content. You agree to assist us in the case of a legal dispute based and claims of third parties on your content, in particular to provide us with all documents necessary for the defence.
    3. You warrant that you have all the necessary model releases to publish images on STRKNG - that are in agreement with all the provisions stated in these terms and conditions - that show one person or several people.
    4. You warrant that you hold all necessary property releases (architecture, sculpture, ...) in your images to publish them on STRKNG, in agreement with all the provisions stated in these terms and conditions.
    5. You warrant that your images do not contain any illegal content and / or in itself constitute illegal material.
    6. You warrant that your photo does not violate the personal integrity and privacy of the individual, offend anyone, defame or discriminate.
    7. You agree to indemnify STRKNG for all expenses arising from damage caused by you as a result of any breach of the warranties under this Section 3.
    8. If you violate the rules of these terms and conditions, your account may be banned or deleted for a limited period or permanently. If a paid account exists, we will not refund you any costs as a result of a cancellation or revocation.

  5. Contract Period / Termination
    1. This contract is effective for an indefinite period and is free in its basic version.
    2. It is mutually terminated.
    3. An optional VIP-account will be made for a period of 12 months.
    4. You can remove your account at any time by deleting your master data in your account. In this case, all data is lost and a refund of an existing VIP-account will then not occur.
    5. A VIP-account will automatically be changed to an open-ended basic free account after the expiry of the VIP-account period.
    6. If any violation of these terms and conditions occurs the contract can be terminated by us immediately. A claim for a refund of an existing VIP-account does not take place in case of termination for cause.
    7. A basic account can be canceled by us anytime without giving a reason. A cancellation of a basic account is effective at the end of the canceled month.
    8. A paid VIP-account can be canceled by us anytime. A cancellation of a VIP-account is effective at the end of the canceled month, a proportionate balance will then be refunded by us.
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