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STRKNG free Basic Account vs VIP-Account

    STRKNG is and remains free in the basic version, but...

  • With your support as a VIP you show us that you like the project!
    Thank you! We like it too!    
  • You help us to collect and show impressive, important and relevant works of international contemporary photography.
  • If you have good high quality work yourself, being published on our diverse channels is very likely.
    As a VIP, you can also quickly join our STRKNG stream and get the most out of our coverage via Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • Your photography website is correctly linked in the context (search engine relevant) - more expensive and inappropriate purchasing of backlinks was yesterday
  • Take care of your work!
    Your photographs, events, products and blog posts are automatically processed in technical correct way with us (SEO, meta tags, structured data, AMP ...)
  • You will receive your VIP status via Paypal in a few seconds.
    By bank transfer in a few days, but then with a small term extension.

Price overview for VIP accounts

No subscription: The VIP account expires automatically.

You can extend an existing VIP account at any time. The newly purchased period then simply hangs at the end.

Duration Price / month Total price
12 months 3,- € 36,- €
24 months 2,63 € 63,- €
36 months 2,39 € 86,- €

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Once you sign up, you can buy a VIP account via bank transfer or Paypal here.

Overview of the benefits of a VIP membership:

Basic Account / free VIP Account
Portfolio images 9 18
Portfolio images in Wedding Photography 3 6
Vouchers for product ad in the marketplace 1 x 3 months / 12 months VIP
Facebook Portfolio Tab for pages > 2000 fans
Scheduled appointments in the Organizer 1 99
Events in the Photography Calendar 1 12
Preferred representation on STRKNG
Subdomain, i.e:
Access to Statistical Data
Google Analytics tracking ID
Participation in STRKNG stream
Notification for new mails every hour immediately
Search engine relevant links to your website
Search engine optimization (SEO) for your photographs
Search engine optimization (SEO) for your blog posts
Search engine optimization (SEO) for your portfolio - AMP-Version inclusive
Search engine optimization (SEO) for your events
External links in your portfolio text
New blog post every 14 days weekly
     Level every 6th days every 3rd day
     Level every 4th day every 2nd day
     Level every 2nd day daily
/ Images votes / day 27 45
     Level 30 48
     Level 43 51
     Level 36 54
Images stars 37 58
     Level 43 64
     Level 49 70
     Level 55 79
Images bookmarks 36 45
     Level 49 58
     Level 52 61
     Level 55 64
Photographers portfolio stars 27 45
     Level 40 58
     Level 54 63
     Level 58 67
Photographers bookmarks 36 54
     Level 40 58
     Level 54 63
     Level 58 67
Quota top models (total) 9 18
Quota model bookmarks (total) 18 27