STRKNG Organizer

  • Finally, the appointment chaos has an end.
  • The indispensable tool for anyone serious about people photography *.

Mobile number in Facebook, list of clothes and make-up tips in Whatsapp , sample pictures for the shoot in the mails . Was the shoot in two or three weeks ?? And where were the addresses of the locations for the shoot and how do we get from the first location to the second???

Are you familiar with that?
Then you are right with our organizer!

We bring order into the requirements of a normal shooting *.

If you plan your appointment cooperatively in the organizer, then you have all the information available on D-Day without having to search long:

  • The network
    No, no social media nonsense, but for "real people". Our "Intranet" address book and direct contact options.

  • The locations
    The last, sometimes most important ingredient for a brilliant picture.
    Neatly filed with us - publicly for cooperative altruists, or privately only for you and initiates of your closest circle.

* Of course, other appointments that want to be cooperatively scheduled in the photo network can also be managed in the STRKNG organizer, e.g. joint exhibitions, meetings, meetups, workshops, etc ...

Appointment calendar

  • Schedule appointments with network partners
  • Contribute texts, links, pictures and own locations to the planning
  • Discuss suggestions
  • Useful event overview with Google Maps navigation links of the locations
  • The calendar has all appointments in view and reminds you at the right time by e-mail
  • Schedule three appointments for free or 99 appointments at the same time as a VIP

STRKNG Diary overview for photographers and models

  1. Available appointments
  2. Who can add me to an appointment
  3. Create new appointment (master data)
  4. Today
  5. Next scheduled appointment
  6. Edit appointment (master data) / Appointment cancel / delete
  7. Create new appointment (master data) with 14th April as start date
  8. Joint scheduling

STRKNG Joint scheduling for photographers and models

  1. iCalendar Appointment Download (for mobile)
  2. Network contact with shared private Information (here telephone number)
  3. Create new appointment card (text, location, picture or link)
  4. When will I be reminded by email about the appointment?
  5. Comments on the map Location, Link to a new one Leave a comment
  6. Location card.
    Title link opens the Google Maps Navigation.
    The locations are linked only, i. the location is retained, even if the appointment is deleted later.

STRKNG Joint scheduling for photographers and models

  1. Text card.
    The appointment organizer can generally resort all cards by dragging and dropping the card bar.
  2. Image card. The appointment organizer can also edit and delete cards that he did not create.
  3. Images in a card are only stored locally in the appointment. If the appointment is deleted later, all images included will be removed too.
  4. Link card. Dropbox, for example, or similar.
    The appointment participants are always informed by e-mail, if content has changed.
    Thus, a follow-up is possible.
  5. The latest changes in the appointment can be found in the History traced.

Schedule a new appointment



  • Internal address book for telephone numbers, addresses and other contact options
  • Join the STRKNG network to work together in the real world, not to get each other stars
  • Your network is always private (you can not show it anywhere and you will not be rewarded for its size)

STRKNG network for photographers and models

  1. My personal information I can share
  2. Preview of my contact card if network partners can access it
  3. I can also share the e-mail of my STRKNG profile
  4. Add network contact.
    In principle, all STRKNG members are possible, even guests without an active portfolio.
  5. My contacts / address book
  6. For each contact, the view of my data can be restricted.

Network administration



  • Manage public and private (photo) locations
  • Public (photo) locations appear in your portfolio and on the Photo Locations page.
    You create a real added value for everyone and draw attention to your profile, so do not be stingy with your top secret locations!
    Public locations must be explicitly released by us, to appear on the page "New".
  • We also like to list commercial locations, e.g. Rental studios or other rental locations that can basically be used for shootings.
  • Private (photo) locations are invisible to others, unless they are shared in an organizer appointment with the appointment participants.
    You can also use the private location management only for your own archiving.
  • All public and private locations can (but do not have to) be used in the organizer appointment calendar and shared with the appointment participants.
  • Useful Google Maps links at all location entries, so you can quickly find the way to the most remote location in 3 years.

STRKNG Photolocation Management for Photographers and Models

  1. Create new location
  2. Only my public locations are visible in my portfolio and on the photo locations page.

STRKNG Photolocation Management for Photographers and Models

    Basically like a blog entry but images can also be changed later.

  1. Public / private

Location management