STRiKiNG - Cooperation opportunities and Media data

Our goals

  • Build an international collection of stunning contemporary photography.
  • Promotion and networking of participants.
  • Encourage intercultural understanding through photography
  • Containment and qualitative filtering of the flood of images on social networks and thus promoting the perception of beautiful work.


Promotion of students of photography

    Students of photography are funded from the 4th semester!
    Please create a complete portfolio and send an e-mail with the current enrollment certificate.

    You will receive a free VIP upgrade for a period of three years.

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art - Photography, Visual Arts - Photography, Design with a major in Photo Design, Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, Fine Art - Photography, Communication Design - Photography, Graphic Design and Photography, Design - Applied Photography

Advertising partners / sponsors

  • STRKNG is open to any commercial / non-commercial projects with brands, firms, websites or everyone who sees in us a good way of spreading the values of their products, image, brand...
  • We offer advertorials and brand content, furthermore, we dispose of several commercial spaces in STRKNG website and inside the STRKNG e-magazine. If you have or represent a brand or product, even a collection (clothing, tech or accesories), or you have any suggestive idea don't think anymore and get in touch with STRKNG. In addition, STRKNG dispose of a huge photographers and models portfolio who collaborates with us and for sure they could fit in your communication needs.

Free gallery service for influencers

    Photography influencers with >50k followers benefit from our free and exclusive gallery service if their work fits in with our vision.

    We are happy to take over the following services with your permission:

  • Managed STRKNG Portfolio:
  • Managed Portfolio images
  • Managed Event posts
  • Managed Blog posts
  • Guaranteed features
  • Please contact us and send us a link your profile.

Media data


    Active participants with portfolio3˙488
    Weekly Newsletter1˙791


    Unique Visitors monthly161˙610
    Follower Instagram21˙670
    Follower Facebook14˙656
    Follower Twitter2˙023