STRiKiNG - Gallery and Network for Photography
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Our goals:

  • Build an international collection of stunning contemporary photography.
  • Promotion and networking of participants.
  • Encourage intercultural understanding through photography
  • Containment and qualitative filtering of the flood of images on social networks and thus promoting the perception of beautiful work.



    • Photographers

    • Models

    • Are you a fashion designer

      We promote good product photos best in combination with the naming of the shooting team. We are open to joint crosspromotion projects.

    • Partner

      We are pleased about content and promotion partners from all areas of photography. (E-)Magazines, Agencies, Influencers, Instagram Hubs, Exhibition Organizers ...

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    Volunteers and volunteer jobs

    • Our project is unlikely to be economical in the next few years, so we're looking for people who enjoy the photography and our project and want to support it on a voluntary basis .
      We search :

    • Translators Spanish

      Para que se pueda recolectar más fotografías excelentes en el mundo de habla hispana.

    • Translators French

      Ainsi, plus de belles photographies dans le monde francophone peuvent être collectées.

    • Translators Italian

      In modo che possano essere raccolte più belle fotografie nel mondo di lingua italiana.

    • Translators Russian

      Так что в русскоязычном мире можно собрать большую фотографию.

    • Translators ...


    • Curators

      You have a good eye for photography, understand our previous photo selection and the project concept and want to promote a understaffed topic on STRKNG? You develop new concepts for the acquisition of new participants and work in the topic area and implement them. We support you within our possibilities.

    • Editors

      Text with spirit is your thing and you love photography ?
      Heart, humor and depth are wanted. Write posts on STRKNG, interview photographers, models, designers and brands, acquire sensational photo series and show your view on things. Content is king.

    • Exhibition organizer

      You love photography and STRKNG and want to give the great work the space it deserve: a real exhibition in a great ambience in a great city.
      We look forward to your ideas and support you within our capabilities.
      Planning, organization, implementation. A job for people with energy, good contacts, strong nerves, diligence and time.

    • People with good ideas, creators.

      The participants of STRKNG have shown with their work that they have a high quality standard.
      Their expectations regarding potential offers are correspondingly high.
      You are aware that neither a regular photo table nor a beginner's photo course nor a subscription to a mainstream photo magazine are attractive to established professionals. - You have ideas for real interesting added value and you think "big and global"? Talk to us!

    Advertising partners / sponsors

    • STRKNG is open to any commercial / non-commercial projects with brands, firms, websites or everyone who sees in us a good way of spreading the values of their products, image, brand...
    • We offer advertorials and brand content, furthermore, we dispose of several commercial spaces in STRKNG website and inside the STRKNG e-magazine. If you have or represent a brand or product, even a collection (clothing, tech or accesories), or you have any suggestive idea don't think anymore and get in touch with STRKNG. In addition, STRKNG dispose of a huge photographers and models portfolio who collaborates with us and for sure they could fit in your communication needs.

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