"pattern" - photography

Matthew Pine 10

Ich mag Bilder! “Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.” “Do not deny the classical approach, simply as a reaction, or you will have created another pattern and trapped...

Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen

Storiesoflightandshadows 5

I love telling stories of light and shadows, whether I photograph myself or something else. Hands, body language, light patterns caused by curtains and blinds; little natural objects like leaves and...

Europe / Switzerland / Fribourg

Hans-Martin Doelz 2

Born 1949 in Lüdenscheid, Germany. Hans-Martin Dölz studied Mathematics and Business Administration at the Universities of Bochum and Göttingen and graduated in 1979 with a master’s degree in...

Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Leonberg

NOICE | Photography and Art Publication

NOICE is a publication and platform for all artists that have a very meticulous style when it comes to photography and illustration work. A keen eye for pattern, light, comical essence and allegory...

North America / United States of America

clothed in shadows / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Jenny Theobald ★5 | STRKNG

clothed in shadows - © Jenny Theobald
series "coated in shadows"

Noémie / Portrait  photography by Photographer Lionel Pesqué ★3 | STRKNG

Noémie - © Lionel Pesqué

Sandstone Swirl / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Paul Hamilton ★2 | STRKNG

Sandstone Swirl - © Paul Hamilton

Recreo / Nude  photography by Photographer Ángela Burón ★8 | STRKNG

Recreo - © Ángela Burón

Pattern. / Nude  photography by Photographer Piotr Trojanowski | STRKNG

Pattern. - © Piotr Trojanowski

Steel Blue Ripples / Abstract  photography by Photographer Alexander S. Kunz | STRKNG

Steel Blue Ripples - © Alexander S. Kunz


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