Toavee of a period / People  photography by Photographer DEWFRAME ★3 | STRKNG

Toavee of a period - © DEWFRAME

Il vento d'autunno vagabondaggio / Fine Art  photography by Photographer DEWFRAME ★3 | STRKNG

Il vento d'autunno vagabondaggio - © DEWFRAME

Pristine / Portrait  photography by Photographer DEWFRAME ★3 | STRKNG

Pristine - © DEWFRAME

The ligament / People  photography by Photographer DEWFRAME ★3 | STRKNG

The ligament - © DEWFRAME

Amor fati / Portrait  photography by Photographer DEWFRAME ★3 | STRKNG

Amor fati - © DEWFRAME

Step over the muster / People  photography by Photographer DEWFRAME ★3 | STRKNG

Step over the muster - © DEWFRAME

Yarolika, a sister / Portrait  photography by Photographer DEWFRAME ★3 | STRKNG

Yarolika, a sister - © DEWFRAME

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2019-09-04 01:02 

The hindmosts' witching

How to measure the time that is returned to those who are desperate to find it?


2019-07-14 01:48 

Marked prime for a green

There is a thing to being for sense. You can't see marked the most tantalizing moments under her skin. Vibrant prime. Feel the green. Only expressions is not enough.


2019-05-09 00:09 


Seems the problem of "inheritance of history" is a key moment in the ability of modern* society to remove old prisms, understanding the feelings of different groups. It's normal if you need the code to remember anyway. Now is now, and becomes to be the norm by its nature. Leaving the old toys, we begin to trust sincere estimates. What if the past is in your hands? Tell yourself what to do with it, because it's a reason to empathize. Even to stay alone, but speak honestly.

In frame: Emma

Inherited memories are depersonalized and retold. Having received huge pieces of the old, globally divided world, we unite it in our own way, trying to respect negations, although it was no easier than invent a new full-fledged legend. This is a distortion of the facts, and you know it. The perceived desire for interconnection through new events resumes in recompilations of past.

Do you notice that in the global context a second derivative of cultural appropriation has arisen? Logically developed model. First reason to make a separation. Could have a community way to begin converse from scratch? The "stairs" destroed. However, it is obvious to me where is no respect for any personal evolution of the participants the process turns into a game with new rules. In order to convince someone that the characters are not what they seem. What to do with them when the symbols do not even relate to each other?

Traveled path, reassessment and justification of certain decisions in the past. On the scales now all strategies, morals and relative judgments. The capricious changes in decades consists in the fundamental principle of historical justice. But explain this new sincerity, where the story calls to drop the whole past! Otherwise, despite the risks, the memories are not so important. It’s like preserving established boundaries — a tradition. The point is not in the accuracy of the lines, but in following the conviction that the line between peoples and worlds becomes conditional. Borders have less importance. Empathizing, we rise.

— When I read her those book...

A person who isn't burdened with assessing the actions of his ancestors, but having the inherited symbols from the different times (with different reasons for their appearance) already transferring its modern actions to this surface. May I look a little... The accumulated experience confirms that your culture is involved in what is happening today.

Does history insure against errors? Controversial. Could someone to bear this on self, as a question that has no solid answer?


Photostories, creative works and exciting the curiosity things under the dew sign. "It's a small creative team led by two photographers - Iliya Yagodinsky and Elena Kozlova working together to explore unseen something in the space around and show up with own feeling. They sure each person have a secret place in soul of where can hide really touching and emotive things. Photography is the good key for that because has all the hallmarks of both the transcendental substance and the pure realism. Both authors was brought up with a significant impact of the world art and russian cultural background, so graduated humanities just to figure this out. And still continuing. So it's kind of refraction and focusing, combination of marks and moods which sometimes even converted into images."