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In the darkness of tear light... / Portrait | photography by Fotograf Chih-Chieh Wang ★18 | STRKNG

In the darkness of tear light... - © Chih-Chieh Wang

see you again / Nude | photography by Fotograf Stefan Beutler ★88 | STRKNG

see you again - © Stefan Beutler

cry tonight / Black and White | photography by Fotograf Stefan Beutler ★88 | STRKNG

cry tonight - © Stefan Beutler

black meadow. / People | photography by Fotografin herz.mensch.fotografie ★31 | STRKNG

black meadow. - © herz.mensch.fotografie

free / Portrait | photography by Fotograf Stefan Beutler ★88 | STRKNG

free - © Stefan Beutler


Szenen aus Tagträumen  

Fotografien von Thomas Nentwich

2018-04-15 15:00h - 2018-05-06 18:00h / Schwarzbach 174, wuppertal / Germany / Europe

"Wir alle kennen sie, Tagträume. Ich bin jedoch ein besonders ausgeprägter Tagträumer. Ich präsentiere in meiner Fotoausstellung Akt- und Portrait-Fotografien von..."

Event created by tnfoto / 2018-03-26 19:18:56

Nishe 32 30

Magdalena Lutek is a 29-year-old photographer based in Poland who works under the pseudonym Nishe. Her photographs are sensual and dreamy, with a particular focus on nature, gestures and emotions.

Portrait / People / Fine Art
Europe / Poland / Warsaw

Sermon Fortapelsson 16 55

Photographer based in Germany. Seeking things to tell about being a passenger of the subliminal.

Nude / Wedding / Fine Art
Europe / Germany / Sachsen / Zwickau

Formofadrop 12 73

I'm deeply convinced that Art, in general, is absolutely deprived of any variety of forms. It is just a one single Form, created rather by nature as the last immutable state. Seen and stuck forever...

Fine Art / Portrait / Mood
Europe / Netherlands / Amsterdam

Elyssa Obscura 12 94

Introspective photography exploring often dark and melancholic moods and emotions mostly through self-portraits.

Fine Art / Nude / Portrait
Europe / Finland

Nathan Wirth 12 97

Nathan Wirth, who was born and raised in San Francisco, is a self-learned photographer that uses a variety of techniques— including long exposure and infrared— to express his unending wonder of...

Landscapes / Fine Art / Black and White
North America / United States of America / California / Marin County

Nanne Springer Photography 10 101

"Nanne Springer is a self-educated photographer skilled in the art of analog film. Her origins lie in Germany but currently she resides in Canada. The works within these pages are transatlantic,...

Fine Art / Portrait / Black and White
North America / Canada / Toronto

Sandra Löwenherz 39 14

Hey there, this is Sandra. I´m modeling for 2 years now. Loving the people, the places, the emotions.

Portrait / Fine Art / Conceptual
Europe / Germany / Saarland / Völklingen

marta.enigma 24 20

My name is Marta and I am a photo model who has been posing for various photographs for 6 years. Starting from the portrait, through the lingerie, to the act. I feel the best posing naked or for the...

Nude / Portrait / Black and White
Europe / Poland / Sosnowiec

Emily 17 34

bin Mensch, kein Model echt authentisch ich jenseits von Idealen Momente, Augenblicke, Leben

Portrait / Fine Art / Black and White
Europe / Germany


25 year old girl creating emotional self-portraits & standing in front of a cam from Germany (Saarland)

Black and White / Nude / Mood
Europe / Germany / Saarland / Saarbrücken

MarieDanielle 12 46

25 year old model. Half spain half german. I love the history and Emotion behind the pictures.

Portrait / People / Everyday
Europe / Germany / Hessen / nähe Frankfurt


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