After the show / Performance  photography by Model Sophie ★1 | STRKNG

After the show - © Sophie
Gilles Soubeyrand

Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben / Portrait  photography by Model Sophie ★1 | STRKNG

Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben - © Sophie
Jasmin Steffin

Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven # 5 / Fashion / Beauty  photography by Model Sophie ★1 | STRKNG

Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven # 5 - © Sophie
Heike Nordlicht

Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Lost Place # 2 / Fashion / Beauty  photography by Model Sophie ★1 | STRKNG

Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Lost Place # 2 - © Sophie
Jasmin Steffin

Political Issue / Conceptual  photography by Model Sophie ★1 | STRKNG

Political Issue - © Sophie
Foto Sascha

  • Portfolio / Model Sophie
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  • 2023-10-03T19:43:16+02:00
  • Model Sophie
2023-10-03 19:54 
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Portrait / summer,summervibes,transgender
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Portrait / transgender,hat,summervibes,summer
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Stimmungen / guitar,instrument,summer
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Mode / Beauty / summer,summervibe,countryside,transgender
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Mode / Beauty / summer,withinme,transgender,transwoman
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Portrait / transgender,transwoman,trans,summer
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Stimmungen / moving,myself,sensitive,light,transgender,transwoman
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Portrait / summer,summervibes,transwoman,transgender
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin / Portrait / summervibes,grass,shadows,transgender,transwoman
Laura Moser # 2023 # Berlin
Participants: Laura Moser

Summer learnings of a trans woman

Puberty is a time span of ten years. - But if you start your transition afterwards, you will go into a second puberty, into a second time span of 10 years. But this puberty is much harder. We transitioners trying to catch up everything we missed. - While having a fixed identity from our first puberty. - And beyond the experiences from the new identity, we have to overcome old socialisation and patterns, of our non-conforming gender behaviour, which crashes into our daily life, while we're facing a lot of changes in our mind (and hopefully bodies), by the new hormone level.

And we're working against 100 reasons of shame, 1000 obstacles in the mirror, and some very deep written pictures of cis-gender in our-selves and others. And one of the main duties in transition, is to glue all this together, into one human, one existence, into one life.
Transition can be a full-time job. But you have to cope with it, as one task from multiple others: Earning money, looking for help, care for family members, explaining yourself to the world (even if you don't have an explanation for yourself), attend the gym, cooking, maintaining other relation*ships, filling your social media accounts and office chair and feeding the cat.

We learning, to accept ourself, the status quo, becoming patient in dozens of topics (e.g., legal changes, changes by hormones, etc), and we adopt new behaviours, changing old pattern and requesting ourself always: “Is the person, I’m becoming now, feeling right?”
Or do we behave like copycats, who overtook some strange behaviour or styles, which didn't fit into your life and beings, because we wrongly assume, they belong to our official gender now.

I'm in the middle of my second 10-year puberty, and I learned a lot during this summer. First and most important: Pain is for growing, and I hope, I dived into any stitch which was presented me, by this summer. - I learned, how to cope with my phases of trans-downness in a better way, and about my optimal reaction of getting misgendered. (I understood now, that this is like a Terry-Pratchett message, out of the parallel existing universe of cis-heteronormativity.)

I also meet persons, I thought, 'Wow I would like to date!', and that I will use the non-binding term "dating" in future. Stopping the desire for a never-ending-true-deep-love-lifetime relationship. - Spending two evenings per week together, giving our skin touches and kisses to your necks, should be adequate to stay healthy and enough to push each other into a stable state. - But this means a lot of honest communication. (So maybe it's easier to stay in the never-ending-love narrative.)

This is what I learned in my summer of '23.

2023-09-01 12:07 
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven / Performance
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven / Schwarz-weiss
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven / Kreativ / hate,golliath,david
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven # Adams rip / Fine Art
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven # Adams rip
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven # Natural Order / Konzeptionell / order,natural,naturalorder
Heike65 # 2023 # Cuxhaven # Natural Order
Participants: Heike Nordlicht

Are you happy?

"Are you happy?", Laurana asked me some days ago.

It was late and we had discussed about the possibility, the term and the feeling of happiness for us trans women, since hours.

Because we're getting misgendered at least once a day, and we're irritating people with our voice, getting glimpses to the never fading marks of male hood on our bodies and beings. - And we're facing an abstract refusal of our transness in social media and the newspaper. We're seeing violence against us in the community, and we're hearing prejudices regarding us, from people who don't have a glue about anything (A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G), but an opinion towards gender.

And we're hearing permanently, that children need to be protected from queer people, from wokeness, and we see, that society steels children’s their rights everywhere and nobody complains: The right of education and health! The right of getting protected from violence and (sexual) abuse! And in the end, our children’s will inherit a planet, which is becoming more and more a piece of scrap! Yeah. Protect the children from us.

Filled with handpans.
Lovely handpan sound, from Giolì & Assia, and I said: "This is how angles talking."

And we listened some more moments to the voices of angles.

"How can I say, that I'm happy?"

What is happiness in a world, were I'm paying attention to the intonation of any word, coming through my lips? I'm paying attention to my language and body gestures, to my (male) personal border protection mechanisms and knowledge of male privileges, within all female routines?

How to think about happiness, in a world where I need to maintain thousands of attributes at once, to reach and keep my limited femineity?

Being a female, and don't lose a second of it. Maybe, this is happiness for me. Accepting my limits, coping with them and being me. Being Sophie. And don't lose a single second of it anymore. That's happiness.

„Yes, Laurana. I'm happy.“

2023-07-27 11:17 
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 1 / Kreativ
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 1
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 2 / Kreativ / transgender
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 2
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 3 / Kreativ
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 3
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 4 / Kreativ
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 4
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 5 / Kreativ
Jasmin Steffin # 2023 # Luebben # 5
Participants: Jasmin Steffin

About growing

Every few years, since transitioning, I opening my door and pushing all friends to the outside.

I can't bear myself.
I can't listen to my thoughts.
And I don't like to hear easy spoken words of sorry from others.
I don't won't to get touched.

If people are not dedicated to touch me, from the bottom of their being.

The worst times, are the most important times together.

So, I'm growing alone.

And when I sit there, with the compliments from the outside, about my beautiful being, my achievements, and the hole shit, I guess it was the right decision.

It was right, because it feels right.
Even if the feeling is pain.

And I'm growing for my own.

Thank you Jasmin for this great place, your time and attention.

2023-07-02 15:08 
Jasmin Steffin / Mode / Beauty / transgender,trans,transwoman,gender
Jasmin Steffin

Shooting as a trans woman

These thoughts are generic. They occur every time, before I shoot with an unknown photographer, especially when I like or adore the pictures.

Some weeks ago, I had a schedule with Mya from Leipzig (Germany). We planned to shoot in a parking house, to use some special light and background. And I was two hours before time. - So, I waited outside in the street. Completely styled, with a bag which contained all my stuff, which I grabbed three days ago, because before departure and our meeting, I was on a business trip in Munich.

So, I waited, and was nervous like hell. - I am trans. Non-op. And I love to shoot. All my model and social media profiles labels me as "woman", and I am transparent with that fact to anyone. I don't hide details regarding my past or trans body.

But through the upcoming "culture war" (for two years), more and more voices raised, that I am not a woman. That I was a male, be a male and will ever stay a male. - To be honest: Of course, this kind of statements (and connected hate) influences me.

Often, I feel like an imposter. And this is something which always comes in my mind before I meet the photographer. Before we start with the work. Thoughts like:

“Will my passing be valid on the pictures? Or will the POV of this photographer unmask my transness? Showing and spot me, as a male? Will the photographer start to misgender me, when we come to fine art nude photography? How much photos will be created, where my typical male attributes are underlined and emphasised?”

And by getting more and more nervous, I asking myself, why I am doing that shit all the time again? One to three times a month I am heading into the same situation again. Why I am searching for this challenge? Why I am going into this kind of exam? Why I am stressing myself that way?

But after everything starts, after I got into the touch with the lens, into touch with the click sound of the specific camera, I start to dive into the scene, deeper and deeper and come back to the set, after everything is shown and told.

And after I dived into each set, and arrived again and we finished, and we check the first results on the camera, I know why:

Because I love it! It's fun, its therapy, it's one of the best ways to connect to people, to myself, to exchange and grab new thoughts.

Thank you, Mya!

Thank you, all photographers who worked with me, in the past!

Past Events

Archive 21.08.2023

Zwischen Himmel und Hölle  

Monday, 2023-08-21 24:00h - Monday, 2023-09-11 24:00h


Germany / Europe

Die Bildgestalterin Sophie Schmidt zeigt vom 29.05.2023 (Deutsche Mühlentag) bis zum 11.09.2023 (Tag des offenen Denkmals) mit sieben Fotografien, in universeller, teils poetisch, teils konkreter Sprache, Begegnungen zwischen Himmel und Hölle auf. Als transgeschlechtliches Model, ist Sophie dabei immer wieder Subjekt auf ihren eigenen Werken in Situationen, welche regelmäßig den inneren Konflikt zwischen Körper und Psyche behandeln, den Zustand zwischen Zwang und Freiheit, das Schweben zwischen Verzweiflung und Hoffnung; eine Überbrückung der Gegensätze.

Aufgrund dieser Brückenkraft werden Transgender-Menschen in einigen nordamerikanischen-indigenen Kulturen als two-spirits bezeichnet. Sie spielen in diesen Kulturen eine wichtige Rolle als Hüter der traditionellen Kultur, aber auch als Vermittler zwischen Himmel und Erde, Himmel und Hölle.

Insbesondere erforscht Sophie, was es bedeutet, innerhalb einer deutschen, christlichen Kultur eine two-spirit zu sein.

Die Bilder sind in Zusammenarbeit mit vier Fotograf:innen durch Inszenierung oder in freier Arbeit entstanden. Die Auswahl wurde gemeinsam mit Bea Tilanus Müllerin der Bruchmühlen für die Veranstaltung vorgenommen.

Sternwarte Bruchmühlen
Bruchmühlen 2
27305 Bruchhausen-Vilsen
[email protected]

Jeden 2. und 4. Sonntag im Monat, zwischen 14:00 und 17:00 Uhr
Vom 29.05.2023 bis zum 11.09.2023

Veranstaltung eingetragen von Sophie / 2023-07-03 10:54:05

Link: Monday, 2023-08-21 24:00h - Monday, 2023-09-11 24:00h / Zwischen Himmel und Hölle

Jasmin Steffin
Jasmin Steffin
Heike Nordlicht
Heike Nordlicht
Gilles Soubeyrand
Gilles Soubeyrand
Heike Nordlicht
Heike Nordlicht
Heike Nordlicht
Heike Nordlicht
Jasmin Steffin
Jasmin Steffin
Jeannine Schröder
Jeannine Schröder
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  • Info Model Sophie
  • 2023-10-03T19:43:16+02:00
  • 2023-10-03T19:43:16+02:00
  • Model Sophie
size (cm)
weight (kg)
standard size
38 S
Measurements BxWxT (cm)
90 x 78 x 92
Fashion, Glamour, Lingerie, Editorial, Lifestyle, Fitness, Bodypaint, Nude, Promotional Modeling, Sports, Portrait

I am a transgender non-op woman, with about two years of modelling experience. - I like to explore universal symbols in my work, and use them for my favourite topics: gender, feminism and climate change, which in fact are always political. And I always like to be part in activism and the appropriate campaigns.

I am living in Berlin and I am flexible during the working days, because I am working as full-time software programmer and business analyst as a freelancer. I prefer TfP for projects which could enrich each other mindset and portfolio.

Beyond my favourite topics I am always curious and like to learn and enrich my shooting experiences. So, I am quite open for every topic and style, as long as there is quality and entitlement in the collaboration.

Most photographers describe me as easy, in-time, in-point and flexible to react to the demands. I am sure to fulfil a broad bandwidth of emotional states, if needed.

Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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