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Salome / Portrait | photography by Fotograf Tom Hart ★3 | STRKNG

Salome - © Tom Hart
Make Up Artist: Anja Drown | Model: Salome Chandler

Focus / Fashion / Beauty | photography by Fotograf Knas ★10 | STRKNG

Focus - © Knas
Model : Dylan Boils | Make up & Stylist : Fang Dong

Brunella / Fashion / Beauty | photography by Fotografin Debora Di Donato ★1 | STRKNG

Brunella - © Debora Di Donato
Model: Brunella Papa | Make up: Desirè Matani

Maggie / Portrait | photography by Fotograf Knas ★10 | STRKNG

Maggie - © Knas
Model : Maggie @Apparence Agency | Hair : Damien Lacoussade Make up : Fang Dong

a beautiful dream series / Conceptual | photography by Fotografin Debora Di Donato ★1 | STRKNG

a beautiful dream series - © Debora Di Donato
Model: Angelica Arba | Make up: Desirè Matani

Fine Art | photography by Designer/­Marke Bartholomäus Wischnewski ★38 | STRKNG

- © Bartholomäus Wischnewski
Photography: Claudia Wycisk, Model: Pixie White, Make up: Stefanie Hübenthal


Natural Beauty  


2018-03-03 / Gmunden / Austria / Europe

"Ein tolles Model, eine spannende Location, gutes Equipment, eine kreative Idee und die Fähigkeit, das alles zusammen zu bringen und möglichst ausreichend..."

Event created by Michael Wittig / 2018-02-03 23:13:21

Natalie's soulful PhotoArt


Natalie's soulful PhotoArt - mehr als nur ein Foto! zeigt, was hinter dem Menschen steckt, der VOR der Kamera steht. Ich bin Bauchtänzerin und leidenschaftliche Fotokünstlerin und fotgrafiere im...

Portrait / Nude / Conceptual
Europe / Germany / Lüneburg

Augusto De Luca


Augusto De Luca graduated in law, then became a professional photographer in the mid-1970s, working along the boundary line between traditional and experimental photography. With his style, he has...

Europe / Italy / Naples

Erik Witsoe


As an artist, observing life around me has always been an intriguing venture and as a foreigner discovering new life in a faraway place lends new depths to my perspective, allowing me to unearth the...

Street / Black and White
Europe / Poland / Warsaw


Female portrait-photographer and Make Up Artist from Germany, Paderborn.

People / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Paderborn

Hendrik Krönert

I was born 1975 in Erlangen, Germany. My interest for photography began in 2006 when I joined deviantART, where my then spouse showed her artworks. In the following months I got more and more...

Nude / Portrait
Europe / Fürth



22 yrs . small body . big mind . creative head . i do hair and make-up .

Black and White / Portrait / Mood
Europe / Germany / Saarland / 66111


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