"stage" - photography

Roger Rossell 23 49

Berlin based professional stage arts photographer, also with a more personal artistic work based on research about identity, intimacy and privacy. Not really interested in models but people, not a...

Nude / People / Portrait
Europe / Spain / Barcelona

Ralph Gräf 5 296

In fall 2006, my scientific career as a cell biologist brought me from Munich to Potsdam near Berlin. Photography has escorted me through my whole adulthood. Yet, it was my move to Potsdam that...

Europe / Germany / Brandenburg / Potsdam

Irene Cruz 4 369

Her artwork is about mystery, privacy, integration with the landscape ... She works away from customisation to represent universal emotions and feelings. Another distinguishing feature is the light,...

Fine Art / Landscapes / Nude
Europe / Germany / Berlin / Berlin


MASKZ collection MIXED MARTIAL ART His Sculptures made of collected & found Cardboards & Fleyers. With lightand shadow ,they are staged and subsequently banned in photographs. Sometimes...

Fine Art / Abstract / Nude
Europe / Germany / Berlin / Berlin

Olaf Raymond Benold 1 1088

The photographer Olaf R. Benold comes from the film industry - the filmmaker from his passion for photography. The look and the know-how for the designed and staged image he gained in 40 years of...

Portrait / People
Europe / Germany / Munich

Andrei Runcanu 1 1195

I started out as a computer geek and became a programmer, then I studied drama and became an actor. And then I started playing with a camera. Now I have more than one camera and I'm playing a lot....

Europe / Romania / Bucharest

Jules 2 149

Model für -Foto -Film- und Fernsehproduktionen -Werbung -sowie Motion Capture für Film, Video- und PC-Spiele -Shows -Stunt -Walk Acts -Lara Croft Double -Emma Peel (The Avengers - mit...

Action / Fashion / Beauty / Creative edit
Europe / Germany / Berlin / BErlin

The Observing Collective / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Ralph Gräf ★5 | STRKNG

The Observing Collective - © Ralph Gräf

One... / Black and White  photography by Photographer Rosa H. LightArt ★9 | STRKNG

One... - © Rosa H. LightArt
Anita H.

anita, 2018, westkapelle / Portrait  photography by Photographer josch ★2 | STRKNG

anita, 2018, westkapelle - © josch
Anita H.

on stage / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Laura Zalenga ★10 | STRKNG

on stage - © Laura Zalenga

Weevil - Staged - 2.25x - Stackshot - Zerene Stacker- PMax - 178 - Cropped 2000px / Macro  photography by Photographer Missouri Home Tours, LLC | St. Louis Real Estate Marketing Photographer | STRKNG

Weevil - Staged - 2.25x - Stackshot - Zerene Stacker- PMax - 178 - Cropped 2000px - © Missouri Home Tours, LLC | St. Louis Real Estate Marketing Photographer

m u s i c / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Michael M ★4 | STRKNG

m u s i c - © Michael M


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