"simple" - photography

ray gray 17

Minimal or no makeup, natural lighting. No cliché AI faces. Simple landscapes with no screaming angles, overdone skies and saturations; snow instead. All that glitters is not gold. You'll see...

Europe / Italy

Formofadrop 11

I'm deeply convinced that Art, in general, is absolutely deprived of any variety of forms. It is just a one single Form, created rather by nature as the last immutable state. Seen and stuck forever...

Europe / Netherlands / Amsterdam

Zuzu Valla 6

I became excited about bringing together sadness, mystery, tenderness and fragility all in women's body language. l also love to tell story trough the pictures. This is reflected in the subdued,...

North America / United States of America / Kentucky / Ashford

Gabriel Isak 5

I use photography as a metaphor for experiences of the soul by creating photographs that are simple in form, but rich in ideas and emotions. My imagery entails surreal and melancholic scenes...

Europe / Sweden

Gershon Kreimer 5

ARTIST STATEMENT Feeling the image before understanding it: To use the language of photography as little as possible. Only its most basic formalities are sufficient. Nothing must lack poverty. To...

North America / United States of America / California / Los Angeles/California/U.S.A.

Ilagam 2

Hello, I'm Magali , photo model since 2015. I have posed for many photographers in France and I started seriously self-portraits in 2021. I like photos with natural light, which look simple...

Europe / France / paris

Lia X 3

Cologne based riot girl. Artist by nature, model by choice. I like it loud and crazy, radical and sexy. I like it soft and simple, passionate and gloomy. I like it all. I want it all....

Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Köln

eleven birds / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Renate Wasinger ★39 | STRKNG

eleven birds - © Renate Wasinger

Lena / Portrait  photography by Photographer Reni Weber ★29 | STRKNG

Lena - © Reni Weber

naturally artifical. / Nude  photography by Photographer Jens Klettenheimer ★36 | STRKNG

naturally artifical. - © Jens Klettenheimer

summer / Abstract  photography by Photographer Renate Wasinger ★39 | STRKNG

summer - © Renate Wasinger

simple. / Portrait  photography by Model Lisa ★125 | STRKNG

simple. - © Lisa
Mischa Buckow

simple / Black and White  photography by Model BEA AMBER ★26 | STRKNG

simple - © BEA AMBER
Joachim Alt

Frauen am Fenster - Blog post by Photographer DirkBee / 2024-01-06 12:59
I / Nude / woman,nudeart,indoor,blackandwhite
II / Nude / woman,nudeart,pregnant,indoor,blackandwhite
III / Nude / woman,nudeart,indoor,blackandwhite
IV / Nude / woman,nudeart,indoor,blackandwhite
V / Nude / woman,nudeart,window,indoor,blackandwhite
VI / Nude / woman,nudeart,indoor,blackandwhite
VII / Nude / woman,nude,nudeart,indoor,blackandwhite
VIII / Portrait / woman,portrait,indoor,blackandwhite
IX / Nude / woman,nude,indoor,blackandwhite
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Lara by Pixelhunter - Blog post by Photographer Pixelhunter / 2023-06-28 10:08
Lara by Pixelhunter / Portrait / girl,woman,style,monochrome,pixelhunter,bnw,portrait,fashion,photography
Lara by Pixelhunter
Lara by Pixelhunter / Portrait / monochrome,beauty,portrait,woman,female,pixelhunter,style,bnw,noiretblanc
Lara by Pixelhunter
Lara by Pixelhunter / Portrait / woman,style,portrait,female,photography,pixelhunter,model,beauty,fashion
Lara by Pixelhunter
Lara by Pixelhunter / Portrait / photography,portrait,fashion,noiretblanc,pixelhunter,monochrome,bnw,beauty
Lara by Pixelhunter


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