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Depth / Portrait | photography by Fotograf Luca Galavotti ★3 | STRKNG

Depth - © Luca Galavotti

Julia Dunin Photography 1 555

Julia Dunin is a photographer based in Galway, Ireland. Having a vast experience in portraiture, fashion and beauty, multiple exhibitions and publications, her style is all about discovering something...

Portrait / Nude
Europe / Ireland / Galway

cha0skarsten 1 689

Hobby photographer from Osnabrueck, germany. No special genre, tend to do landscape- and portrait photography, recently I did some dance photography, which I like very much. If b/w or color, it...

Black and White / Portrait / Landscapes
Europe / Germany / Niedersachsen / Georgsmarienhütte

claudiocavallin 939

I am an amateur photographer based in Turin, Italy. I love classical paintings as Caravaggio and Rembrandt, and pre-raphaelite paintings. I prefer portrait photography

Portrait / Fashion / Beauty / Performance
Europe / Italy / Turin

Elisa Paci 1347

22-year-old italian photographer based in Italy and focusing on portrait photography

Europe / Italy / Venezia

Bilderwelten NP Photography 1359

I specialize in portrait photography. Understanding “Portrait” as the whole range of human emotions and expressions. It’s about the delicate art to capture photographically the character and...

Europe / Spain

ryanzyro 1502

I did fashion and portrait photography in Los Angeles in the late nineties, but took a pretty long break things. I've spent the last few years shooting indie movies here in Anchorage, but over the...

North America / United States of America / Anchorage

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Bartholomäus Wischnewski 39 1

CEXN is a label that is reaching beyond fashion to costuming art and that has developed a unique style of divine beauty hand in hand with its disruption. Using unusual materials crafted into organic...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Rheinland-Pfalz / Mainz

Angélini Candice 23 2

Candice Angélini is a french hatdesigner. She creates sculpted headdresses. Her work is inspired by tribal art. She see these pieces as Ex-Voto and magical items. Each element of her...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Performance
Europe / France

Cu Nature 17 3

Copper electroformed jewellery and objects.

Portrait / Nude / People
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Bielefeld

Mary Mathon 3 6

Mary Mathon is a young urban streetwear label with a nod to punk and rave culture.

Fashion / Beauty
Europe / Portugal


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