Photographer male / 46
Los Angeles, 2011 / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Los Angeles, 2011 - © Alex Coghe

Mexico City, 2011 / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Mexico City, 2011 - © Alex Coghe

Mexico City, 2011 / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Mexico City, 2011 - © Alex Coghe

Mexico City, 2010 / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Mexico City, 2010 - © Alex Coghe

Mexico City, 2011 / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Mexico City, 2011 - © Alex Coghe

Subway, Mexico City / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Subway, Mexico City - © Alex Coghe

Pieces / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Pieces - © Alex Coghe

Mexico City, 2019 / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Mexico City, 2019 - © Alex Coghe

Yellow Lady / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Yellow Lady - © Alex Coghe

Guerrero Entrance / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Guerrero Entrance - © Alex Coghe

Existence / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Existence - © Alex Coghe

Que Viva Mexico! / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Que Viva Mexico! - © Alex Coghe

Dolls / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Dolls - © Alex Coghe

Tepito / Street  photography by Photographer Alex Coghe ★6 | STRKNG

Tepito - © Alex Coghe

2021-09-12 17:15 
1977 / Nude / nude,legs,erotica
Alinka / Nude / girl,nude,nudephotography,erotica
Ice Cream / Nude / nude,ice,cream,sex,erotica,fun
Ice Cream
Ivone / Nude / erotica,mexican,girl,bedroom
Lia  / Portrait / look,portrait,girl,seduction
Luna / Nude / nude,girl,mexican,urban
Nany / Nude / nude,erotica,seduction,mexican,girl
Paola / Portrait / girl,mexico,seduction,legs,feet
Xochipilli / Nude / nude,portrait,girl,mexican

My work with models

A window into my work as a portrait and erotic photographer. Here on strkng so far you have known me as a street photographer, but my commercial work is characterized by portraits and erotic photography. In particular, I created an editorial project called MEXICANA that moves away from stereotypes. In this selection I present part of the work done with Mexican girls.
I am currently working on another project that wants to be decidedly different from what is commonly accepted and imposed as beauty, respectful of the woman's self-determination, going against certain impositions that have fallen from above by society.

2021-09-03 15:11 
Catrina / Dokumentation / mexico,oaxaca,diademuertos
Dead Kid / Dokumentation / documentary,mexico,oaxaca,diademuertos
Dead Kid
Wedding / Dokumentation / mexico,oaxaca,diademuertos,documentary
Dance / Dokumentation / diademuertos,oaxaca,mexico,dance
Desfilè / Dokumentation / diademuertos,mexico,oaxaca
Muerteada / Dokumentation / diademuertos,oaxaca,mexico
Pantheon / Dokumentation / diademuertos,mexico,oaxaca
Xoxocotlan  / Dokumentation / diademuertos,mexico,oaxaca
Portrait / Dokumentation / diademuertos,mexico,oaxaca

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

The day of the Dead in Oaxaca is something special. Since 2015 I organize photography expeditions. The last one was in 2019, but this year I will back to document the traditions in that magical land in the south of Mexico.

Th orange flowers (cempasúchil) color the city and all the villages in the state of Oaxaca, in fact in Mexican tradition this flower is used to guide souls towards their return home, and they are collocated on altars decorated in honor of the dead, in Spanish ofrendas.
For all the festivities, starting from 25-28 October and ending on 2-3 November, a typical bread the Pan de Muertos is eaten, a typical dessert sprinkled with sugar, whose round shape is adorned with fake bones and a small skull.

The Dia de muertos is a celebration that comes from pre-Hispanic populations, more familiar than public. It is a moment in which the dead are remembered and honored, who reunite with their families from the afterlife on the night between 1 and 2 November. According to popular belief, this only happens if they are remembered by the living and only if their photo is displayed on the family altar. The traditions of Vida y Muerte belong to all of Mexico, but there are some regions where these holidays are particularly felt and therefore also celebrated in public, with events and parades, as in Oaxaca.

During my documentation of these years I made a lot of photos but first of all I connected with the local people, because I think is very important for the work of a documentary photographer to understand and respecting the traditions in order to give a visual proposal that is real and genuine.

Because of pandemic in 2020 for the first time since 2015 I did not go to Oaxaca. But this year I will back. It is possible to come with me and working together for a limited number of participants. In any case I will go so even with a participant my Day of the Dead Photo Expedition will take place.

2021-08-27 14:15 
Democratic Space / Street / streetphotography,car,mexico,suburbs
Democratic Space
Eagle / Street / streetphotography,car,mexico
Yellow / Street / streetphotography,yellow,mexico
Pinkable / Street / streetphotography,mexico,pink,taxi
Greystyle / Street / streetphotography,mexico,woman,girl
The one to sing the blues / Street / streetphotography,blue,mexico
The one to sing the blues

New works

My work on the street continues.
I try to connect myself with a new kind of energy I find in the streets of Mexico these days.
Irregular photos increase. And that makes me feel good. Sometimes the color pushes me to shoot. Arrives instinctively and instinctively snap, at the last useful moment. I operate according to logics that connect with a universe made of surreal. I still surprise myself as a child. My steps become slow as my gaze is sublimated by a moment that arrives and I recognize it as mine. My photography. My street.

2021-08-19 15:32 
A couple in Zocalo / Street / streetphotography,love,couple,mexico,oaxaca
A couple in Zocalo
Streets of Oaxaca / Street / streetphotography,mexico,oaxaca,people
Streets of Oaxaca
Women and Mannequins / Street / streetphotography,mexico,oaxaca,women,mannequins
Women and Mannequins
Calle Zaragoza / Street / streetphotography,oaxaca,mexico
Calle Zaragoza
Ocotlan / Street / streetphotography,mexico,oaxaca,ocotlan
Little girl / Street / streetphotography,oaxaca,ocotlan
Little girl

Streets of Oaxaca

I am at home in Oaxaca, a city and a state in Mexico that I have elected as the city where I will one day go to live.I usually go to Oaxaca for my photographic expeditions, the Guelaguetza one in summer and the Dia de Muertos one in October / November.In Oaxaca I also worked for NGO, documenting the human condition of inhabitants of the central valley and Mixteca region. This means that my work there is largely documentary and journalistic.

However, I happen to take some street photos, and I think in particular Oaxaca de Juarez, the capital of the state of Oaxaca is great for street photography. For this reason now I am providing street photography experiences also there.

The images you see here are just a small example, and not even the best made there. All made in 2019, the photos reflect a little bit of what the charming Oaxaca can give us. Some of them realized in villages around Oaxaca where emerges the rural nature of a magic land.

2021-08-08 16:02 
Minnie / Street / streetphotography,mexico
Eye Contact for 2 / Street / streetphotography,eye,contact,mexico
Eye Contact for 2
Market / Street / streetphotography,man,mexico
Bikini / Street / streetphotography,mexico,women
Photo & Video / Street / woman,womanportrait,streetphotography
Photo & Video
Encountering / Street / streetphotography,women
Gesture / Street / streetphotography,woman
Aaaah! / Street / streetphotography,littlegirl,kids,mexico
Women / Street / streetphotography,women

Street Photography ES

Let me introduce myself. While many of the street photographers here know me, I figure maybe I should let others in on who I am.
My name is Alex Coghe. I am Italian, born in Rome but I moved definitely in Mexico City in 2010.
I shoot Mexico City since 12 years ago so this means that I know enough this city. As a professional photographer I do photojournalism and portraits, specializing in books for models. I worked also for Leica Camera Ag on assignment and for Burberry. That was my debut in fashion photography.
I have been providing street photography workshops for quite a few years now.
My workshops are real experiences and usually I work with small groups or private one to one for all levels. My workshops in Mexico City are a success with students coming from any part of the world. Recently I added Oaxaca as city available for my masterclass street photography workshop. I propose also photographic expeditions in Oaxaca, for example in October&November during Day of the Dead celebrations.
For STRKNG I decided to focus on street photography but I reserve in future to show part of my work with models.
On my website you will find a lot of resources and I am publishing a small guide to street photography.
About Street Photography I can say that is part of me every single day. It doesn't matter if I'm in my barrio or in downtown: every time I go out I have to do it with a camera, digital or film.
I ask my students what their motivations are. Because I believe that they have to be strong if you want to be a street photographer. There is a difference between being and doing it. I don't want to go into too much depth here on the ontology of being street photographers but let me tell you that for me it's about being willing to bleed. I mean not literally but willing to really pour ourselves into the work we are going to do.
When I am on the street I certainly do not hide what I am doing, or photographing. I am in an open and positive attitude, I smile because I love what I do and in all these years I must say that even shooting in places considered difficult if not dangerous I have never had excessive problems.
I photographed also with flash, it happens often to get very close to people, using lenses between 28mm and 35mm. The goal for me is a photograph showing gestures and that special humanity that you can find in a shot.
What I do is to interpret what has always been my curiosity towards other people. I do it and I did it as a writer and I don't turn it off when I have the camera with me.

Past Events

Archive 28.06.2021

Call for Street Photographers  

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Monday, 06-28 08:00h - Saturday, 07-10 08:00h

Gustavo A. Madero

United States of America / North America

SHOOTR is a new magazine featuring the work of street photographers worldwide. It is a printed and electronic edition magazine. It is published on
We don't pay the photographers featured because is a collective features magazine, but it can be an opening opportunity to get an invitation to THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER NOTEBOOK where we pay the featured photographers.


Organizer / Participants: Photographer Alex Coghe

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Link: Monday, 06-28 08:00h - Saturday, 07-10 08:00h / Call for Street Photographers| Get featured on SHOOTR magazine

Alex Coghe


Street Photographer and Photojournalist.
Street Photography Workshops and Expeditions in Mexico.
Portrait, Erotica, Fashion.

I am an Italian documentary photographer based in Mexico. In 2013 I worked on assignment for Leica Camera AG, realizing the documentary project “People of Chapultepec” published worldwide in the Leica X brochure. My work in Mexico is focused on the documentation of human conditions in the barrios, popular neighborhoods of Mexico City and I collaborate with some NGO in Oaxaca. Currently my work is represented by Polaris Images and LatinPhoto.

As a Street Photographer I work everyday on the streets. My commitment is to spread the culture of street photography and since 2014 I am publisher of THE STREET PHOTOGRAPHER NOTEBOOK, a printed and electronic edition magazine. I pay the photographers featured.

As a photo coach my street photography workshops in Mexico count with students coming from any part of the world.