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Patrik Walde 3 431

Photographer for landscapes, nature, industry and architecture in the fields of advertising, tourism, corporate and annual reports. Born 1977 in Brugg (switzerland) as a real Fricktaler...

Europe / Switzerland / Elfingen

Alexander Kuzmin Photography 2 441

Portrait and fine-art photographer with more than 13 years of experience in post-processing, retouch and color-grading. ​ Your source of creative photography tools: Photoshop Actions, Lightroom...

Portrait / Black and White / Creative edit
Asia / Russian Federation / St. Petersburg

Dark Indigo 2 466

Photographer, digital artist, retro gamer and manga reader from Rijeka...

Conceptual / Photomanipulation / Portrait
Europe / Croatia / Rijeka

Gianmario Masala 1 903

Photographer and visual artist based in Milan. He gives great importance on post-production process, where the variety of textures layers together with use of colors and focus, give the sensation of...

Fine Art / Mood / Portrait
Europe / Italy / Milano

Mercee Photography 1 1137

What does MerCee mean? Well, it is easy to answer. "Mer" for Merry and "Cee" (nickame of Cervantes). We are passionate self-taught photographers and retouchers Berlin -...

Europe / Germany / Berlin / Berlin

Creatures Among Us (serie) / Conceptual | photography by Photographer Caamila ★14 | STRKNG

Creatures Among Us (serie) - © Caamila

cabin by the sea / Photomanipulation | photography by Photographer Sebastian Freitag ★2 | STRKNG

cabin by the sea - © Sebastian Freitag

Drowning with grace / Fine Art | photography by Photographer R J Poole - The Anima Series ★3 | STRKNG

Drowning with grace - © R J Poole - The Anima Series

E X I T S I G N / Creative edit | photography by Photographer Thomas Lottermoser ★6 | STRKNG

E X I T S I G N - © Thomas Lottermoser



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