1841)  downward trend, before 1838

Florian Schröder 1841

Florian is a Berlin based people, wedding and lifestyle photographer. He is not just taking photos but pictures which are capturing emotions and telling stories.

Portrait / People / Fashion / Beauty
Europe / Germany / Berlin / Berlin

1842)  downward trend, before 1839

Isabelle Bommes 1842

Berlin based photographer and media designer

Portrait / Mood / Night
Europe / Germany / Berlin / Berlin

1843)  downward trend, before 1840

Fotografie Schrick 1843

Fotograf - Bad Homburg / Frankfurt Bei Interesse an einem Shooting einfach eine Nachricht senden! TFP ist möglich. Schreibt mir! ;-)

Black and White / People
Europe / Germany / Hessen

1844)  downward trend, before 1841
1845)  downward trend, before 1842
1846)  downward trend, before 1843

Emil Balko 1846

I'm an amateur photographer and I'm doing it with my wife.She is my assistant, my partner, my friend and my greatest critic. I love photography and fictional scenes in photos, and I also hear the...

Portrait / People
Europe / Germany / Wört, Württemberg

1847)  downward trend, before 1844

Joaquin - Photography 1847

Mexican photographer located in Monterrey, Mexico. I focus to creates beautiful moments that tell a story and not just photos, an instant of happiness. I use a different style that combines...

North America / Mexico / Monterrey

1848)  downward trend, before 1845

guido kraut fotografie 1848

„Ein Foto ist ein Geheimnis über ein Geheimnis.” (Diane Arbus) Weniger geheimnisvoll ist mein Name: Guido Kraut. Ich bin über mein Hobby zur Fotografie gekommen. Experimentell,...

Street / People / Nude
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / 42781 Haan

1849)  downward trend, before 1846
1850)  downward trend, before 1847

Peter Paul Lingenau 1850

I don`t believe everything I think, it's enough how an image impresses me.

Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Bad Münstereifel

1851)  downward trend, before 1848
1852)  downward trend, before 1849

Trolle 1852

I'm working as a photographer close to Copenhagen. I mostly do portraits and reportagephotography.

Europe / Denmark

1853)  downward trend, before 1850
1854)  downward trend, before 1851
1855)  downward trend, before 1852
1856)  downward trend, before 1853
1857)  downward trend, before 1854

Der Hochzeitsfotograf 1857

DER HOCHZEITSFOTOGRAF AUS DEM ODENWALD Besser: Die Hochzeitsfotografen aus dem Odenwald, denn wir treten in den allermeisten Fällen zu zweit auf. Nicht nur um in der Kirche oder im Standesamt mit...

Wedding / Fashion / Beauty
Europe / Germany / Am kalten Brunnen5, 64689 Hammelbach

1858)  downward trend, before 1855

marc contaxtonikon 1858

Hobby photographer based in Wiesbaden, Germany I engage predominantly in the photography of female models Focus on pictures that give pride to the models I work with - as I should - since I work...

Nude / Black and White / People
Europe / Germany / Hessen

1859)  downward trend, before 1856

Steven Bello 1859

Viejo cernícalo de ojos manchados Encuéntrame en el corazón de un árbol…

Fine Art / Mood
South America / Peru / cusco

1860)  downward trend, before 1857