"milano" - photography

Gianmario Masala 1 903

Photographer and visual artist based in Milan. He gives great importance on post-production process, where the variety of textures layers together with use of colors and focus, give the sensation of...

Fine Art / Mood / Portrait
Europe / Italy / Milano

Simone 1 1090

My name is Simone Furiosi, I’ve 24 and I based in Milan, Italy. I'm working as interiors and architectures photographer a year, before I studied photography in private school here in Milan, the...

Europe / Italy / Milano

Renzo Bilenchi 1445

Degree in physic in Milan, CEO of a leading company in the laser field, has had to wait for retirement to devote himself professionally to his passion: photography.

Portrait / Conceptual / Abandoned places
Europe / Italy / Milano

Faber Torchio 1826

Faber Torchio è nato a Cremona il 9 giugno 1973. Laureato in Architettura al Politecnico di Milano con una tesi su spazio, percezione e fragilità dal titolo “6 GRADI DI SEPARAZIONE”. Lavora...

Fine Art
Europe / Italy / Grosseto