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Christian Ballé 2

Since my apprenticeship as furniture maker I love fine furniture, innovative interior decoration and modern interior design. This passion lead me to the photography of interior and...

Europe / Germany / Niedersachsen / Lilienthal

Oliviero 1

Oliviero Santini is a photographer of Italian and Danish origin. He was born in Copenhagen and spent his childhood in Africa and now lives in Italy, Florence. Oliviero is specialized in hospitality,...

Europe / Italy / Florence

Studio Daido 1

We are an Italian studio of photography. We are specialized in Interior Design Photography and we work for magazines, architects, restaurants and hotels.

Europe / Italy / Roma


roland brunner, aka "photörhead", is a child from the early 70's. he is interested in old techniques from cars to motorcycles, bicycles and cameras, most of them older than himself. he...

Europe / Switzerland / Urnäsch


Architectural and interiors photographer in Spain. Images of Hotels, Architecture, Interiors, Offices, Houses...

Europe / Spain / MADRID

Andrei Garcia

I am a instagram model looking for a career in the modeling industry. I’ve worked for Hollister Co. and Forever21 Inc.

North America / United States of America / California / Palm Desert

(Helena) through the glass / Fine Art  photography by Photographer MOTH ART ★111 | STRKNG

(Helena) through the glass - © MOTH ART

Bridge / Nude  photography by Photographer Hendrik Janssen ★52 | STRKNG

Bridge - © Hendrik Janssen

Radiator / Nude  photography by Model Miss Wunderland ★59 | STRKNG

Radiator - © Miss Wunderland
Alexander Hufenbach

A slow thought / Nude  photography by Photographer Bianca Serena Truzzi ★53 | STRKNG

A slow thought - © Bianca Serena Truzzi

sandra löwenherz / Portrait  photography by Photographer Ana Lora ★72 | STRKNG

sandra löwenherz - © Ana Lora
Sandra Löwenherz

STRKNG Editors' Selection - #35 - Blog post by  STRKNG / 2019-09-03 12:30

STRKNG Editors' Selection - #35

100 striking images · 2018-09-03 - 2018-10-11

»XXia« | © Thierry Coulon

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NEW at STRKNG.com: Photo Locations - Blog post by  STRKNG / 2019-03-01 21:48

NEW at STRKNG.com: Photo Locations

You can share public locations on STRKNG's photo locations page and in your portfolio. You create a real added value for everyone and draw attention to your profile. Public locations must be explicitly approved by us to appear under news.

Private locations are only visible to you or for selected shooting partners.

We hope you enjoy the new feature and look forward to many great locations from all over the world!


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