"hand" - photography

t.w.o. / Black and White | photography by Fotografin Dorotheya ★20 | STRKNG

t.w.o. - © Dorotheya

The road to suicide 002 / Fine Art | photography by Fotograf Chih-Chieh Wang ★18 | STRKNG

The road to suicide 002 - © Chih-Chieh Wang

Power / Abstract | photography by Fotografin Bianca Serena Truzzi ★41 | STRKNG

Power - © Bianca Serena Truzzi

The Hand / Fashion / Beauty | photography by Model nakiesheri ★76 | STRKNG

The Hand - © nakiesheri
Nicolas Guérin


marc von martial 44 14

Handcrafted photography and finearts. I primarily shoot on film, experimenting a lot with alternative processes and alternative printing. If you are interested in working with me just drop me a...

Portrait / Nude / Conceptual
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Bonn

Jo Grabowski 39 18

Jo Grabowski seit 1953 auf dieser Welt seit 1975 einen Fotoapparat in der Hand seit 1986 Fotoapparat und Kopf ernsthaft Hand in Hand Frauen, Tanztheater, Pflanzen Natürlichkeit, weitgehende...

Portrait / Nude / People
Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Stuttgart

Lee Acaster 29 35

Keen amateur photographer based in East Anglia. Landscapes are my passion but I like to try my hand at most things. AP magazine Amateur Photographer of the Year 2015 British Wildlife Photographer...

Landscapes / Wildlife
Europe / United Kingdom / Wortham

Vivienne B 18 37

My works are influenced by Italy’s rich artistic heritage, painting and culture. Each shot is designed around the subject’s face, and it’s full of references to painting and art history. I love...

Portrait / Nude / Fine Art
Europe / Italy / Turin

Alan Marcheselli 3 345

Call me polaroider Some years ago — never mind how long precisely — having little or no pixel in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on CCD o CMOS sensors, I thought I would...

Conceptual / Landscapes / Mood
Europe / Italy / Sassuolo

Thomas Berlin 1 586

Menschen und die von ihnen gestaltete Welt, stehen im Mittelpunkt meiner Aufmerksamkeit. Auf meiner Website https:/thomasberlin.net sind daher neben meinem Blog die beiden Themen Menschen und Orte...

Nude / Portrait / Fashion / Beauty
Europe / Germany / Frankfurt am Main

Bartholomäus Wischnewski 38 1

CEXN is a label that is reaching beyond fashion to costuming art and that has developed a unique style of divine beauty hand in hand with its disruption. Using unusual materials crafted into organic...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Rheinland-Pfalz / Mainz

Angélini Candice 22 2

Candice Angélini is a french hatdesigner. She creates sculpted headdresses. Her work is inspired by tribal art. She see these pieces as Ex-Voto and magical items. Each element of her...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Performance
Europe / France


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