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Elle / Fashion / Beauty | photography by Fotografin Alessandra Scalogna ★25 | STRKNG

Elle - © Alessandra Scalogna

Fashion / Beauty | photography by Designer/­Marke Bartholomäus Wischnewski ★39 | STRKNG

- © Bartholomäus Wischnewski
Mask: Dana Mikelson Photo: Claudia Wycisk / Seelenblick | Fotografie Claudia Wycisk Model: Sandra Ma

Sharing silence with Mia Wallace / Fashion / Beauty | photography by Fotografin MOTH ART ★80 | STRKNG

Sharing silence with Mia Wallace - © MOTH ART

Chanson de Rose / Fashion / Beauty | photography by Fotografin Vivienne B ★18 | STRKNG

Chanson de Rose - © Vivienne B
Lauren Garner

Fashion / Beauty | photography by Fotografin Janine Kuehn ★8 | STRKNG

- © Janine Kuehn

Mimi / Fashion / Beauty | photography by Fotograf Fabrizio Romagnoli ★3 | STRKNG

Mimi - © Fabrizio Romagnoli

Alte Eule Photography I Sarah Storch 3 304

official site of the german fashion photographer Sarah Storch/ Alte Eule Photography. Based in Germany, Leipzig/ Berlin. Contact: info@alteeule.com - PORTRAIT - FASHION - ARTISTS

Conceptual / Black and White
Europe / Germany / Sachsen / Leipzig

Axel Correia 2 546

My name is Axel Correia, and i’m a French fashion photographer, Living in Bordeaux.

Black and White / Nude
Europe / France / bordeaux

Stephane MAXENCE 1 648

Stephane Maxence, French fashion photographer since 1994 and based in south of France. I work mainly with feminine models and I think that the model is the center of the photographic creation. The...

Fashion / Beauty / Portrait / Nude
Europe / France / POUSSAN

DQ 1 806

An art and fashion photographer. I shoot mostly with medium format film and self-process my work. Sometimes I also shoot digital and shoot films (video).

Nude / Performance / Cityscapes
Asia / Philippines / Quezon City

L i o n a † 1 913

Freelance fashion photographer based in Buenos Aires

Fine Art

Lightfreak 959

I am a portrait and fashion photographer based near Freiburg, Germany, and I have a bit of an obsession with light. It's fascinating what it can do to change a person's face, or the mood of a picture....

Portrait / Fashion / Beauty / People
Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Kirchzarten

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Marie 58 7

Hello and a big welcome to every visitor of my portfolio! My name is Marie, 23 years old, sociology student and located in Wiesbaden, Germany right now. I see modeling as a serious hobby - that´s...

Portrait / Nude / Fine Art
Europe / Germany / Hessen / Wiesbaden

Triz Täss 36 14

- TRAUBENZUCKER FÜR TROUBLEMAKER - German Alternative Model located in Rostock and Berlin. - pierced, tattooed, scarred, expressive, emotive, alterable - Always surching for new connections...

Black and White / Portrait / Nude
Europe / Germany / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Bartholomäus Wischnewski 39 1

CEXN is a label that is reaching beyond fashion to costuming art and that has developed a unique style of divine beauty hand in hand with its disruption. Using unusual materials crafted into organic...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Rheinland-Pfalz / Mainz

Angélini Candice 23 2

Candice Angélini is a french hatdesigner. She creates sculpted headdresses. Her work is inspired by tribal art. She see these pieces as Ex-Voto and magical items. Each element of her...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Performance
Europe / France

Mary Mathon 3 6

Mary Mathon is a young urban streetwear label with a nod to punk and rave culture.

Fashion / Beauty
Europe / Portugal


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