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For me, at first glance, the technical quality of a photograph is not the most vital thing, it's the transported feeling and the interpretation layer of a captured moment. I'm currently working...

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Lara García Corrales

In the last year I've been focusing more on creative photography (a form of existence but he knew he did not know its proceedings until a little over one year); I used to be improving day by day in...

above the clouds / Conceptual  photography by Photographer philip mckay ★24 | STRKNG

above the clouds - © philip mckay

from above / Nude  photography by Photographer themetamorphosis | STRKNG

from above - © themetamorphosis

Above the horizon / Abandoned places  photography by Photographer Norbert Lienig | STRKNG

Above the horizon - © Norbert Lienig

Above all else I want to see differently / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Björn Kleemann ★1 | STRKNG

Above all else I want to see differently - © Björn Kleemann

Watching from above / Cityscapes  photography by Photographer Norbert Lienig | STRKNG

Watching from above - © Norbert Lienig

High above the city / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Meike_I ★1 | STRKNG

High above the city - © Meike_I

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"Wohnzimmer" (© Annett Lüllepop) - 17,- €

Material: Acrylfarbe auf Postkarte (handsigniert)
Die Größe des Gemäldes beträgt ca. 14.85 cm x 21 cm
Rückseite: Titel der Postkarte und Name der Künstlerin in kleiner Schrift - oben Links.

Dieses Werk ist ein handgearbeitetes Einzelstück des Künstlers. (Das Original)

Acrylic on postcard (handmarked)
The size of the original painting is approx. 5,8 x 8,3 inch
Back: Title of the postcard and name of the artist in small writing - left above.

This artwork is a handmade original unicum of the artist.



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