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I am an amateur photographer, from Styria/Austria. I have taken photographs since the age of 14 and in recent years I found my vision for my personal photographic journey. Now I express my vision with...

Europa / Österreich / Kainbach bei Graz

Thomas Ringhofer 1 945

autodidact photograph living in Graz, Austria. photography feeds my soul - data science feeds me and my family. i'm focused on people photography and like specially the interaction between the...

Europa / Österreich / Graz

Grazie / Nude | Fotografie von Model Seelenschmetterling ★4 | STRKNG

Grazie - © Seelenschmetterling
R.M. Gillessen

inna / Portrait | Fotografie von Fotografin Iwona Aleksandrowicz ★3 | STRKNG

inna - © Iwona Aleksandrowicz
model: Malika Malwina/ designer: Grażyna Pander-Kokoszka / mua: Anna Cudna

Graz / Street | Fotografie von Fotograf ::Erwin | STRKNG

Graz - © ::Erwin

Burggasse, Graz 2018 / Street | Fotografie von Fotograf ::Erwin | STRKNG

Burggasse, Graz 2018 - © ::Erwin


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