"barcelona" - Fotografie

Roger Rossell 27

Berlin based professional stage arts photographer, also with a more personal artistic work based on research about identity, intimacy and privacy. Not really interested in models but people, not a...

Europa / Spanien / Barcelona


Hello, my name is Guy and I'm a filmmaker at PressRec, i love to work with images because they have the great power to evoke a meaning or feeling powerful by itself, the speech that accompanies the...

Europa / Spanien / barcelona

Paola Idrontino 2

Paola Idrontino is originally from Italy and currently based near Barcelona. She creates accessories, costumes, marine-inspired textile sculptures, and ethereal photography. At the age of 20, she...

Europa / Spanien / Campins

What Dreams Are Made Of / Landscapes  Fotografie von Fotografin Irene Cruz ★4 | STRKNG

What Dreams Are Made Of - © Irene Cruz

untitled / Natur  Fotografie von Fotografin Selma Reis ★1 | STRKNG

untitled - © Selma Reis

Barcelona'18P5 / Schwarz-weiss  Fotografie von Fotograf JMSeibold | STRKNG

Barcelona'18P5 - © JMSeibold

Barcelona P2/2018 / Schwarz-weiss  Fotografie von Fotograf JMSeibold | STRKNG

Barcelona P2/2018 - © JMSeibold

Your smile / Portrait  Fotografie von Fotograf Henrik Mee Løvgret | STRKNG

Your smile - © Henrik Mee Løvgret

Barcelona Streetlife / Menschen  Fotografie von Fotograf Henrik Mee Løvgret | STRKNG

Barcelona Streetlife - © Henrik Mee Løvgret


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