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Mariana Garcia

b. 1986 Based in Monterrey, Mexico My work is a combination of disciplines, such as portrait, editorial and reportage, among others. Constantly trying to capture fascinating moments that could...

North America / Mexico / Monterrey

S & L      :) / Wedding  photography by Photographer Ernst Weerts ★17 | STRKNG

S & L :) - © Ernst Weerts

Lichtstrahl / Wedding  photography by Photographer GaBienne ★44 | STRKNG

Lichtstrahl - © GaBienne
GaBienne Hochzeiten

Rockabilly / Wedding  photography by Photographer Andersgrafie | STRKNG

Rockabilly - © Andersgrafie

d r e a m / Wedding  photography by Photographer Benjamin Ebi ★5 | STRKNG

d r e a m - © Benjamin Ebi


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