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Benedetta Falugi 7

Benedetta Falugi is an independent photographer living in Tuscany. Her introduction to photography came about almost by chance, but the encounter was dazzling and her participation in it has been ever...

Europe / Italy / Follonica

In the morning. / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Fabrizio Massetti ★4 | STRKNG

In the morning. - © Fabrizio Massetti

Untitled / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Benedetta Falugi ★7 | STRKNG

Untitled - © Benedetta Falugi

Germany's Tuscany / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Leni Papilio ★2 | STRKNG

Germany's Tuscany - © Leni Papilio

San Gimignano, Tuscany / Black and White  photography by Photographer trobel | STRKNG

San Gimignano, Tuscany - © trobel

Crystaleyes / Portrait  photography by Photographer Ariel InBlue ★2 | STRKNG

Crystaleyes - © Ariel InBlue


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