"the impossible project" - photography


Ladygrey / Instant Film  photography by Photographer Lili Cranberrie ★20 | STRKNG

Ladygrey - © Lili Cranberrie

Impossible 8x10 / Instant Film  photography by Photographer Herr Merzi ★35 | STRKNG

Impossible 8x10 - © Herr Merzi
Bartholomäus Wischnewski

Ariel / Instant Film  photography by Photographer Herr Merzi ★35 | STRKNG

Ariel - © Herr Merzi

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marc von martial 89

Handcrafted photography and finearts. I primarily shoot on film, experimenting a lot with alternative processes and alternative printing. If you are interested in working with me just drop me a...

Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Siegburg

Axakadam 22

Just an instant film freak trying to catch a glimpse of a tension behind a skin, a countenance behind a face or a spark of womanhood behind its inacessible tempest. Not a great achievement, but...

Europe / France / Strasbourg


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