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Julia Dunin Photography 1

Julia Dunin is a photographer based in Galway, Ireland. Having a vast experience in portraiture, fashion and beauty, multiple exhibitions and publications, her style is all about discovering something...

Europe / Ireland / Galway

Food photography by Julia Dunin 1

Julia’s passion for photography started at the age of 16 with shooting fine-art photography and experimental self-portraiture in her hometown, Warsaw, Poland. At the age of 20 Julia started building...

Europe / Ireland / galway

eusepia / Food  photography by Photographer Resa Rot ★156 | STRKNG

eusepia - © Resa Rot
Eusepia lehe

turquoise and orange / Food  photography by Photographer Radoslaw Pujan ★46 | STRKNG

turquoise and orange - © Radoslaw Pujan

Healthy afternoon snack / Food  photography by Photographer Igor B. Glik ★8 | STRKNG

Healthy afternoon snack - © Igor B. Glik

Frisch gebratener Fisch / Food  photography by Photographer Cora Baranowski-Böck | STRKNG

Frisch gebratener Fisch - © Cora Baranowski-Böck

sin título / Food  photography by Photographer Tonasupo ★1 | STRKNG

sin título - © Tonasupo

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