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Moga Alexandru 10

I am Moga…and I’m a self-taught artist. I was born in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, in the center of Romania, in 1981, and I had a free childhood. I have the privilege to live by the forest, where I’m...

Europe / Romania / Sibiu

Playground / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Lee Acaster ★40 | STRKNG

Playground - © Lee Acaster

afternoon-fun / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Laura Zalenga ★11 | STRKNG

afternoon-fun - © Laura Zalenga

In between / Mood  photography by Photographer Jarek Januszewski ★2 | STRKNG

In between - © Jarek Januszewski

For the kids / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Thomas Lottermoser ★6 | STRKNG

For the kids - © Thomas Lottermoser

Wheel swing / Black and White  photography by Photographer Arvid Warnecke ★1 | STRKNG

Wheel swing - © Arvid Warnecke

The 16-Corner Moon / Night  photography by Photographer Marc | STRKNG

The 16-Corner Moon - © Marc

In my room. - Blog post by Photographer Lilith Terra / 2023-11-29 11:08
In my room.  / Stimmungen / lilithterra,leicadlux,Berlin
In my room.
In my room.  / Schwarz-weiss / lilithterra,Berlin
In my room.


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