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"T." (2019) - Limited Edition 1 von 5 - Product by Photographer René Greiner Fotografie / 2019-08-26 20:05

© René Greiner Fotografie

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"T." (2019) - Limited Edition 1 von 5

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Edition: 5

Anna Försterling 98

fine art photography on film. all series on journal.annafoersterling.com contact me: [email protected]

Europe / Germany / Sachsen / Freiberg

marc von martial 75

Handcrafted photography and finearts. I primarily shoot on film, experimenting a lot with alternative processes and alternative printing. If you are interested in working with me just drop me a...

Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Bonn

Kai Mueller 70

It's the picture that counts. Autodidact. Photography is my passion.

Europe / Germany / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Rostock

35mm 57

Natural portraits and street photography

Europe / Germany / Mainz

Amiyumi 36

Hi I'm Kim! Sometimes I'm in front of the camera, sometimes behind it. I love working with people together who want to create something and have a vision. I work a lot together with Jan Schlegel, he...

Europe / Germany

Lola 21

WRITE TO BOOK ME FOR SHOOT! ;) Hello, dears! My name is Lolita and I'm professional nude and portrait model. I'm available around Europe. I have a great experience in this industrie, really...

Europe / Ukraine / Kyiv

KathaStrophe 20

Nude Art Model since over 5 years now, full with passion and love for photography. Bookable and open for free shoots, if you touch my heart with your pictures...

Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Witten

Nadiya Petrova 13

My Name is Nadiya Petrova, I am a model from Lviv, Ukraine. I`m a freelance model available for shooting worldwide. I have a significant experience in photoshooting, and am easy working in art...

Europe / Ukraine / Lviv

aeons of silence 7

alternative model. Likes melancholic, reduced art but at the same time also opulent/romantic fairytale photography. Available for TfP projects.

Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen

Bartholomäus Wischnewski 44

CEXN is a label that is reaching beyond fashion to costuming art and that has developed a unique style of divine beauty hand in hand with its disruption. Using unusual materials crafted into organic...

Europe / Germany / Rheinland-Pfalz / Mainz

Paola Idrontino 1

Paola Idrontino is originally from Italy and currently based near Barcelona. She creates accessories, costumes, marine-inspired textile sculptures, and ethereal photography. At the age of 20, she...

Europe / Spain / Campins


Photography News and Community for Creative Professionals

North America / United States of America

Have You Ever Wondered What Photographing Gray Owls in the Wild is Like?

Have You Ever Wondered What Photographing Gray Owls in the Wild is Like?

How many of you folks out there have actually seen an owl in the wild? If you've ever wondered what photographing them must be like, this video will take you through an evening in pursuit of owls in the Tetons.

NOICE | Photography and Art Publication

NOICE is a publication and platform for all artists that have a very meticulous style when it comes to photography and illustration work. A keen eye for pattern, light, comical essence and allegory...

North America / United States of America

(Helena) through the glass / Fine Art  photography by Photographer MOTH ART ★111 | STRKNG

(Helena) through the glass - © MOTH ART

Bridge / Nude  photography by Photographer Hendrik Janssen ★52 | STRKNG

Bridge - © Hendrik Janssen

Radiator / Nude  photography by Model Miss Wunderland ★59 | STRKNG

Radiator - © Miss Wunderland
Alexander Hufenbach

Runa / Portrait  photography by Photographer MOTH ART ★111 | STRKNG

Runa - © MOTH ART

remember me. / Portrait  photography by Model Lisa ★108 | STRKNG

remember me. - © Lisa
Andrea Hübner

STRKNG Editors' Selection - #36 - Blog post by  STRKNG / 2019-10-15 10:57

STRKNG Editors' Selection - #36

100 striking images · 2018-10-12 - 2018-11-17

Cover: »Annika« | © Franziska Korries Fotografie

Many Thanks to the contributors:

4spo· albert finch· alex manz· alex omarsson· amiyumi· amy lee· andreas puhl· andreas reh· andreas schaarschmidt· andrzej walusiak· anka zhuravleva· anna försterling· bildausschnitte.at· bjoernb· bogdan bousca· carlos odeh· clara diebler· corwin pixel· daniel anhut fotografie· daniel hammelstein· dannart_photography· disillusion· dmitry baev· dmitry stepanov· dominik leiner· dunkeltraum· ernst weerts· eugene reno· felixbrokbals· franziska korries fotografie· frederick fairytale· frida fotografie· germán saez· hans keim· hendrik janssen· herr merzi· jarmila eckardt· jo grabowski· joão freire· julia beyer· kameraeskura· katja kemnitz· kerstin niemöller· kit anghell· konrad winkler· kostiantyn baran· lara wilde· lo.yanzi· londoncoffee3· luba· magdalena franczuk· maria schäfer photography· michelle· nakiesheri· nicolas decoopman· nonkonform· oliver fischer· pascal wiedemann· paweł kufel 6x6· peacocks feather· perpetua dudziak· peter heidel· peter nientied· pixoom photographie· rené schröder· reni weber· risu· ritsa votsi· rob linsalata· robindisselkamp· rova fineart· ruediger rau· sabine fischer· sascha niethammer· schattenkuenstler· sebastian berger· sebastien petit· seekoch· sollenaphotography· stefan beutler· stefan jaeger· stefan kierek· stephan amm· sued_fotografie· suzan· svetlana korolyova· thierry coulon· thomas gauck· thomas pietrowski· torsten gajda· torsten haberland· ungemuetlich· victor hamke· vladimir tatarevic· weirdview

Tribu' Ca'Dura - Event entered by Photographer ugrandolini / 2019-10-12 09:47

Tribu' Ca'Dura

The third time I'm showing some of my images this year!

Saturday, 10-12 09:30h - Thursday, 10-31 09:30h

Via Balla 6, Villafranca Padovana

Italy / Europe

"Located in a 1800 villa, in north east Italy, this is the first exhibition of a newly created art association "Associazione Culturale CA'DURA". You will be able to enjoy..."

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