261)  downward trend, before 260

Filthy Wizard 3 261

Hello, my name is Dan. I‘m an analogue Leica photographer from Germany. Sometimes I'm a Wizard but most times I’m just Filthy...

Portrait / Fine Art / Instant Film
Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Mannheim

262)  downward trend, before 261
263)  downward trend, before 262

marcus nitschke 4 263

"If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that... I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.” — john lennon Analog....

People / Nude
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / köln

264)  unchanged, before 264

Alberto Monteraz 6 264

Alberto Monteraz is a self taught Spain-based photographer whose work focuses on the beauty contained in all forms of silent decay. Alberto attended the University in Cádiz, Madrid and Oxford, and...

Portrait / Conceptual
Europe / Spain / Medina Sidonia

265)  unchanged, before 265

Benedetta Falugi 6 265

Benedetta Falugi is an independent photographer living in Tuscany. Her introduction to photography came about almost by chance, but the encounter was dazzling and her participation in it has been ever...

Street / Fine Art / Documentary
Europe / Italy / Follonica

266)  upward trend, before 267

Dmitry Baev 4 266

My name is Dmitry Baev and I’m from Odessa, Ukraine. I got started in photography in 2013. My passion for Dutch painting and Impressionism always pushes me to use the principles of achieving...

Portrait / Fine Art / People
Europe / Ukraine / Odesa

267)  downward trend, before 266

Photo_Wink 6 267

I am a photographer primarily interested in the human form. I work with both digital and analog cameras. I am fascinated by movement and use both model and camera movement in my work. I view my...

Nude / Portrait / Fine Art
North America / United States of America / Colorado / Fort Collins

268)  unchanged, before 268
269)  unchanged, before 269

Jens Pepper 6 269

I am a curator, photographer and author (writing about photo subjects) based in Berlin. My articles appear in PHOTONEWS, Kunstzeitung, brennpunkt, DOC! photo magazine etc. Interviews I do you may find...

Europe / Germany / Berlin

270)  unchanged, before 270

Ralf Tophoven 6 270

Ich bin Fotograf aus Krefeld. Meine Hauptfokus liegt auf der Porträt und Sensualart Fotografie. Ich arbeite gerne mit Menschen zusammen, ich denke das man das auch in meinen Arbeiten gut sehen kann....

Nude / Black and White / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Krefeld

271)  unchanged, before 271
272)  unchanged, before 272
273)  unchanged, before 273

Rob Linsalata 5 273

My name is Rob Linsalata. I am a lover of photography, art, poetry and musings. I particularly love film and images that capture a mood, a moment, an emotion... and do so in a timeless fashion. I try...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Conceptual
North America / United States of America / Pennsylvania / Philadelphia

274)  unchanged, before 274

dunkelgrau.fotografie 6 274

photographer • analog • digital • portrait • nude • street • available light

Conceptual / Black and White / Fine Art
Europe / Germany / Sachsen / Leipzig

275)  upward trend, before 276

Luciano Corti 5 275

racconto un emozione, una sensazione..è un sogno che può divenire un incubo...E' in bilico, sospeso. Le immagini parlano di assenza, di spazi da colmare, di un identità, di una personalità non...

Mood / Nude / Fine Art
Europe / Italy / lastra a signa

276)  downward trend, before 275
277)  unchanged, before 277
278)  unchanged, before 278
279)  unchanged, before 279
280)  unchanged, before 280

Ruslan Hrushchak 4 280

Ruslan Hrushchak is a fine art, portraiture and documentary photographer. He lives in Leipzig, Germany. He studied journalism and computer science. Ruslan focuses on regular people in paces and...

Fine Art / Portrait / Conceptual
Europe / Germany / Leipzig