"philosophy" - photography

Polina Soyref 16

Born 23.06.1993, Russia St.Petersburg/Tallinn Graduated with a BA in philosophy and currently am writing a PhD thesis about photography and the body experience. Photographs exhibited at 5th...

Europe / Estonia / Tallinn

Mångata 2

Perpetual daydreamer. Inspired by travel, nature and philosophy. Favourite pastimes include drifting out to sea and thinking about life. More photography projects currently underway!

Europe / United Kingdom

Thomas Leong 1

Thomas Leong was born on May 1977 and raised in Ipoh, Malaysia but currently residing in Singapore permanently with his wife and 2 children. A landscape photographer which emphasize on minimalistic...

Asia / Singapore / Singapore

Ricardo Arce

Thank you for taking a glimpse into my world of photography, where my passion for capturing natural portraits and evoking cinematic vibes comes to life. As a portrait photographer based in the vibrant...

North America / Costa Rica / Heredia

stéfano pérez tonella

Stéfano Pérez Tonella holds a degree in Aesthetic Philosophy from DAMS in Bologna, where he specialized in aesthetics and playwriting. He further honed his expertise in communication with a...

Europe / Italy / Varese


We love memories and photography! Wedding Photographer We are wedding photographers with a unique, relaxed approach to photography. Our philosophy is that photographs are best taken when people...

Europe / Slovenia / Ljubljana

The Philosophy of Flowers / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Rob Linsalata ★10 | STRKNG

The Philosophy of Flowers - © Rob Linsalata
Rob Fiorella

Holding the time | Imperfect Art / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Imperfect Art by Elena Corbu | STRKNG

Holding the time | Imperfect Art - © Imperfect Art by Elena Corbu

STRKNG - Editors' Selection - #40 - Blog post by  STRKNG / 2020-03-03 12:27

STRKNG - Editors' Selection - #40

100 striking images · 2019-03-04 - 2019-04-09

Cover: © Model mikki.mukks with Photographer odin.tk

Many Thanks to the contributors:

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