"paint" - photography

the presence of absence / Fine Art | photography by Photographer Monia Merlo photographer ★33 | STRKNG

the presence of absence - © Monia Merlo photographer

Painted On My Heart / Conceptual | photography by Model Miss Souls ★55 | STRKNG

Painted On My Heart - © Miss Souls
Horst Kistner

paint me black. / Portrait | photography by Model Lisa ★76 | STRKNG

paint me black. - © Lisa
Katja und Bernd Hofmann

Untitled from "Heaven" series / Portrait | photography by Photographer Magdalena Franczuk ★23 | STRKNG

Untitled from "Heaven" series - © Magdalena Franczuk

painting with shadows / Portrait | photography by Photographer Valeria Schettino ★2 | STRKNG

painting with shadows - © Valeria Schettino

Like a painting on the wall / People | photography by Photographer vonStein ★6 | STRKNG

Like a painting on the wall - © vonStein

2017-10-04 11:32 - STRKNG 

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"Wohnzimmer" (© Annett Lüllepop) - 17,- €

Material: Acrylfarbe auf Postkarte (handsigniert)
Die Größe des Gemäldes beträgt ca. 14.85 cm x 21 cm
Rückseite: Titel der Postkarte und Name der Künstlerin in kleiner Schrift - oben Links.

Dieses Werk ist ein handgearbeitetes Einzelstück des Künstlers. (Das Original)

Acrylic on postcard (handmarked)
The size of the original painting is approx. 5,8 x 8,3 inch
Back: Title of the postcard and name of the artist in small writing - left above.

This artwork is a handmade original unicum of the artist.



Diversity Contemporary  

2018-05-21 04:25h - 2018-05-31 04:25h / Rome / Italy / Europe

"Works from China, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Central America, the USA and Canada and Europe, the 30 artists have chosen Rome as a place to exhibit their works..."

Event created by Osamu Jinguji / 2018-05-16 21:27:53

Moving Ideas  

2018-03-19 - 2018-04-07 / Rome / Italy / Europe

"Dal al Rossocinabro presents 'Moving Ideas'. What is Moving ideas? The desire to share a journey in the contemporary, without forcing a univocal reading. The desire to..."

Event created by Osamu Jinguji / 2018-03-14 22:45:27

Vivienne B 18 36

My works are influenced by Italy’s rich artistic heritage, painting and culture. Each shot is designed around the subject’s face, and it’s full of references to painting and art history. I love...

Portrait / Nude / Fine Art
Europe / Italy / Turin

Magdalena Franczuk 23 44

Photography student at The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź, obsessed with old paintings, antique books and the literature of the end of 19th century.

Fine Art / Portrait / Still life
Europe / Poland / Łódź/Wrocław

Andy Lee 16 66

Large Welsh fella with camera. Creative Director, film maker, obsessive photographer, painter and doodler. I've been taking pictures most of my life, but started it a little more obsessively...

Black and White / Landscapes / Fine Art
Europe / United Kingdom

Nathan Wirth 12 95

Nathan Wirth, who was born and raised in San Francisco, is a self-learned photographer that uses a variety of techniques— including long exposure and infrared— to express his unending wonder of...

Black and White / Landscapes / Fine Art
North America / United States of America / California / Marin County

Photographer Tetsuro Higashi 8 147

I was born and brought up in Tokyo Japan. Now I teach mathematics . At age 20 I took up painting. I took up taking photos before 5 years. I have learned taking photos by myself . I grew up...

Nude / Portrait / Fashion / Beauty
Asia / Japan / Tokyo

Nasos Karabelas 6 166

I was born in Ileia, Greece. I’ve been involved with the cinema and have produced two short films, which took part in festivals, in Greece and abroad. I started dealing with photography the last...

Portrait / Abstract / Fine Art
Europe / Greece / Thessaloniki


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