"oldschool" - photography

BlaueLiebe. 5

photographer based in Wetzlar (Germany) #artnevercomesfromhappiness

Europe / Germany / Wetzlar


Crossover photographer homebase near Munich. Digital & oldschool analogue. Studio / Home / Outdoor / on Location Enjoy my artwork and feel free to contact me. You're welcome.

Europe / Germany / Hohenbrunn

MovieTime / Portrait  photography by Photographer Stefan Dokoupil ★5 | STRKNG

MovieTime - © Stefan Dokoupil

Amina / Portrait  photography by Photographer Stefan Dokoupil ★5 | STRKNG

Amina - © Stefan Dokoupil

Oldschool audiophile / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Franz Hein | STRKNG

Oldschool audiophile - © Franz Hein

20er Jahre ... / Portrait  photography by Photographer BoundLight | STRKNG

20er Jahre ... - © BoundLight

Old school biker / People  photography by Photographer Photo Faro Creation | STRKNG

Old school biker - © Photo Faro Creation


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