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Leonid Litvac 3 366

Portrait photographer base in province of Venice - Italy

Portrait / Black and White / Fashion / Beauty
Europe / Italy / Venice

Bárbara Traver 1 760

I was born in Madrid, Spain 1992. Since I was nine years old I have been living in diferent places around Spain and abroad. In 2014 I came to Valencia, Spain, to study in “Espai d’art...


Ivan Slunjski 1 855

„If you want to see something, you have to hurry. Everything disappears.“ member of www.collateraleyes.photography #Frankfurt #streetphotography "Photography for Ivan is a...

Europe / Germany / Frankfurt am Main

filmpixel.de 1087

Ich bin einfach verliebt in die Fotografie und bekomme sie nicht mehr aus meinem Kopf heraus. Ich muss jeden Tag an sie denken und vermisse sie, wenn sie mir fehlt. Ich liebe es einfach, diesen...

Portrait / People
Europe / Germany / Hessen / Frankfurt am Main

Morpheus2004 1195

An Investment Banker with a serious hobby -- I change my lens to change the story!

Black and White
Asia / Oman / muscat

Celia 1 / Black and White | photography by Photographer Andre ★7 | STRKNG

Celia 1 - © Andre

silent / Portrait | photography by Photographer Patrick Leube ★8 | STRKNG

silent - © Patrick Leube

Giulia / Portrait | photography by Photographer Leonid Litvac ★3 | STRKNG

Giulia - © Leonid Litvac

Tom / Portrait | photography by Photographer sollenaphotography ★3 | STRKNG

Tom - © sollenaphotography

Cadaques / Portrait | photography by Model Wiebke ★4 | STRKNG

Cadaques - © Wiebke
Dino Mari



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