"m6" - photography

Filthy Wizard 6

Hello, my name is Dan. I‘m an analogue photographer from Germany. Sometimes I'm a Wizard but most of the time I’m not.

Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Mannheim

Experience 3

I have three souls of my Art: Reportage, Street and Beauty. All of them are mixed on my portfolio. I try to do the best, drawing by light and taking the result filtering by my analog camera. At...

Europe / United Kingdom

carlo Magenis 3

I was born in Asti on April 16th 1951, moved to the province of Turin in 1971, I started photographing with passion with a Pentax Spotmatic, screw pitch, 49 × 1. After a few years, I buy my first...

Europe / Italy / cambiano

scan008 M6 / Nude  photography by Photographer 35mm ★58 | STRKNG

scan008 M6 - © 35mm

Prost! (Leica M6, Ilford FP4+) / Street  photography by Photographer LWR.Photography ★1 | STRKNG

Prost! (Leica M6, Ilford FP4+) - © LWR.Photography

Trouble / Portrait  photography by Photographer Jochen Abitz ★6 | STRKNG

Trouble - © Jochen Abitz


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