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Wohl photography 4 439

My name is Thomas as known as Wohl Photography. I'm a french photographer based in Berlin, Germany. My path into the visual arts began with graphic design about 15 years ago, making flyers and posters...

Fine Art / Conceptual
Europe / Germany / Berlin

Sofie de Coninck 1 693

I‘m Sofie and currently I study art at the academy in Dusseldorf. I love it to shoot abstract stuff, but I also enjoy to photograph streets, hands and faces. I would love it if you would join me at...

Fine Art / Abstract / Creative edit
Europe / Germany / Düsseldorf

Moonphotographer 1118

Photographer | 25 | Italy | ∞ Nature. Moon. Skin. Hands. Lady. Self-portrait. Potrait of details. Body positive. Curvy. Lover.  Join me on:...

Nude / Fine Art / People
Europe / Rome

Adam 1129

Adam Cramb is a West Coast curator, visual artist and writer. His art and photography have been exhibited internationally in Los Angeles US, London UK and Vancouver Canada. He has written articles for...

Black and White / Nude / Alternative Process
North America / Canada / Powell River

Kristina Hader 1604

What might just be a hobby for some people is a passion to me: photography. Holding a camera in my hands opens up a whole new world in which I can be I completely and feel unbound creativity. With...

Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg

t.w.o. / Black and White  photography by Photographer Dorotheya ★26 | STRKNG

t.w.o. - © Dorotheya

abschnitt / Mood  photography by Model Muirgen ★56 | STRKNG

abschnitt - © Muirgen
Michael Färber Photography

lost in-between / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Nanne Springer Photography ★13 | STRKNG

lost in-between - © Nanne Springer Photography
Fong King Wong

Fine Art  photography by Photographer Anna Försterling ★71 | STRKNG

- © Anna Försterling

himbeere / Portrait  photography by Model Muirgen ★56 | STRKNG

himbeere - © Muirgen

Blog post by  STRKNG / 2017-12-12 17:55

Kommentiert bis zum 20.12.2017 den Post auf Facebook
mit Eurem schönsten Bild aus 2017 und gewinnt den neuen großartigen Bildband von Holger Nitschke Photography!

» all this could be yours «
(Hardcover | 29,7x29,7cm | 140 Seiten | 200 g/m2 Papier | Handsigniert)

Vielen Dank an Holger, dass er uns freundlicherweise ein Exemplar für dieses Weihnachtsspiel zur Verfügung gestellt hat!



Comment the post on Facebook
with your most beautiful picture from 2017 or share it until 2017-12-20 and win the new great book by Holger Nitschke Photography!

» all this could be yours «
(Hardcover | 29,7x29,7cm | 140 Pages | 200 g/m2 Paper | Handsigned)

Many thanks to Holger for kindly providing us with a copy for this Christmas game!

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