"grain" - photography

Dirk Kultus 12

Nature lover, grain junkie and darkroom addicted. All photos are taken on Tri-X, 35mm or 120 rollfilm, souped in Rodinal and printed on silver gelatine paper. Thanks for having a look!

Europe / Germany / Bayern / Kempten

FelixBrokbals 6

Hey there. I'm Felix Brokbals, a young photographer from the heart of Germany, born in the south. Since 2008 I'm strolling around with a variety of cameras and till today I was able to meet a lot...

Europe / Germany / Sachsen-Anhalt / Halle (Saale)

Filthy Wizard 3

Hello, my name is Dan. I‘m an analogue Leica photographer from Germany. Sometimes I'm a Wizard but most times I’m just Filthy...

Europe / Germany / Baden-Württemberg / Mannheim

Sandra Herber 5

Sandra Herber is a librarian in Toronto, Canada but she spends all her free time and holidays photographing across Canada and around the world. She was born in South Africa, and has lived in Canada,...

North America / Canada / Toronto

Lost connection / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Marian Hummel ★11 | STRKNG

Lost connection - © Marian Hummel

Mirror mirror... / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Filthy Wizard ★3 | STRKNG

Mirror mirror... - © Filthy Wizard

two / Fashion / Beauty  photography by Photographer GokturkAyan ★2 | STRKNG

two - © GokturkAyan

Single Star / Landscapes  photography by Photographer Marian Hummel ★11 | STRKNG

Single Star - © Marian Hummel

Decisions / Abstract  photography by Photographer Marian Hummel ★11 | STRKNG

Decisions - © Marian Hummel

Armageddon / Nature  photography by Photographer Jens Steidtner | STRKNG

Armageddon - © Jens Steidtner


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