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I'm not a professinal photographer. I occasinally do clients work, but nowadays I concentrate on creating my own images. So to say, I'm on a new photography journey to spice up my photo-mojo. :-P...

Europe / Germany / Bonn

Footprints / Cityscapes  photography by Photographer Lee Acaster ★38 | STRKNG

Footprints - © Lee Acaster

Gone for ever, their foot and their seed / Abandoned places  photography by Photographer mark kinrade ★8 | STRKNG

Gone for ever, their foot and their seed - © mark kinrade

Tiptoe of foot. / Nude  photography by Photographer Marie Casabonne ★6 | STRKNG

Tiptoe of foot. - © Marie Casabonne

Chaz / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Mike Rhys ★2 | STRKNG

Chaz - © Mike Rhys
Lilith Etch

Africa Days I / Street  photography by Photographer Klemens Oezelt | STRKNG

Africa Days I - © Klemens Oezelt


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