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(Helena) through the glass / Fine Art | photography by Fotografin MOTH ART ★80 | STRKNG

(Helena) through the glass - © MOTH ART

melancholia / Fine Art | photography by Fotografin Resa Rot ★96 | STRKNG

melancholia - © Resa Rot
Jessica Drew

the presence of absence / Fine Art | photography by Fotografin Monia Merlo photographer ★33 | STRKNG

the presence of absence - © Monia Merlo photographer

the taste of blood / Fine Art | photography by Fotografin ESPRIT CONFUS ★64 | STRKNG

the taste of blood - © ESPRIT CONFUS

9 / Fine Art | photography by Fotograf Wiktor Franko ★32 | STRKNG

9 - © Wiktor Franko

gloomy sunday / Fine Art | photography by Fotografin Resa Rot ★96 | STRKNG

gloomy sunday - © Resa Rot

Photographe de Sherbrooke


Jean-François Dupuis Artist Statement: I have worked as an advertising photographer for years. Now I'm concentrating on fineart photography using the computer and printing on a wideformat inkjet...

Black and White / Portrait / Still life
North America / Canada / Sherbrooke

Markus Landsmann

I am a photographer (businesses, companies, weddings, portraits, events and much more) of Leverkusen and also offer guided travel / photo tours for the Cologne area. For appointments, inquiries, and...

Landscapes / Black and White / Architecture
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Leverkusen

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Hello and a big welcome to every visitor of my portfolio! My name is Marie, 23 years old, sociology student and located in Wiesbaden, Germany right now. I see modeling as a serious hobby - that´s...

Portrait / Nude / Fine Art
Europe / Germany / Hessen / Wiesbaden

Sandra Löwenherz


Hey there, this is Sandra. I´m modeling for 2 years now. Loving the people, the places, the emotions.

Portrait / Fine Art / Conceptual
Europe / Germany / Saarland / Völklingen

Lima Lew


I just am... ! :) And sometimes I meet people with a camera.

Fine Art / Nude / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Niedersachsen / Hannover

Bartholomäus Wischnewski


CEXN is a label that is reaching beyond fashion to costuming art and that has developed a unique style of divine beauty hand in hand with its disruption. Using unusual materials crafted into organic...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Rheinland-Pfalz / Mainz

Angélini Candice


Candice Angélini is a french hatdesigner. She creates sculpted headdresses. Her work is inspired by tribal art. She see these pieces as Ex-Voto and magical items. Each element of her...

Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty / Performance
Europe / France


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