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Anna Försterling 28 35

fine art photography on film. contact me: mail@annafoersterling.com

Nude / Fine Art / Portrait
Europe / Germany / Sachsen / Dresden

Rémi 1 645

French Analog Photographer , based in Hamburg I use film and other analog supports (Wet Collodion, HDPP+Caffenol, Polaroid...) for their MAGIC ! Mostly into Portraits Learning since the...

Portrait / Black and White
Europe / Germany / Hamburg / HAMBURG

Ivan Slunjski 1 854

„If you want to see something, you have to hurry. Everything disappears.“ member of www.collateraleyes.photography #Frankfurt #streetphotography "Photography for Ivan is a...

Europe / Germany / Frankfurt am Main

Alex 1 946

I like to take pictures of beautiful and inspiring people. And I like filmphotography.

People / Nude
Europe / Germany

filmpixel.de 1085

Ich bin einfach verliebt in die Fotografie und bekomme sie nicht mehr aus meinem Kopf heraus. Ich muss jeden Tag an sie denken und vermisse sie, wenn sie mir fehlt. Ich liebe es einfach, diesen...

Portrait / People
Europe / Germany / Hessen / Frankfurt am Main


PEGSTARDUST > inspire me or let me inspire you Selfportraits / Filmphotographer / Model www.instagram.com/pegstardust www.instagram.com/pegstardust.35to220 www.twitter.com/pegstardust

Portrait / Performance / Black and White
Europe / Switzerland / Aarau

Off with her head / Conceptual | photography by Photographer lucem.demonstrat.umbra ★7 | STRKNG

Off with her head - © lucem.demonstrat.umbra

A deserted passageway... / Portrait | photography by Photographer Nanne Springer Photography ★10 | STRKNG

A deserted passageway... - © Nanne Springer Photography


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