"expired" - photography

Julia Beyer 1190

Dreamlike landscapes and surreal atmospheres are the visual language of Julia Beyer from Germany that she expresses mainly on instant film. In 2014, she began to delve into this photographic art form...

Instant Film
Europe / Germany / Essen

3rdpersonality 1206

Experimental Shot with Bronica RF645 and loaded with expired JoboR17/91, Ektar/01

Fine Art / Black and White / Fashion / Beauty
Europe / France / Chamonix Mont Blanc

Renato Buontempo 1329

Fourty and more, addicted to beauty and photography compulsive, I am a part-time non-commercial image catcher. Devoted to vintage, I often use analogue cameras with weird and expired film rolls....

Portrait / Fine Art / Fashion / Beauty
Europe / Italy