"decay" - photography


Alberto Monteraz 6 264

Alberto Monteraz is a self taught Spain-based photographer whose work focuses on the beauty contained in all forms of silent decay. Alberto attended the University in Cádiz, Madrid and Oxford, and...

Portrait / Conceptual
Europe / Spain / Medina Sidonia

Sandra Herber 4 481

Sandra Herber is a librarian in Toronto, Canada but she spends all her free time and holidays photographing across Canada and around the world. She was born in South Africa, and has lived in Canada,...

Abandoned places / Nature
North America / Canada / Toronto

Kathrin Broden 1 1089

Fine Art Photographer based in Germany with a great passion for lost places and urban decay www.brokatgrafik.wordpress.com

Abandoned places
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Hennef

Michael Schwan 1255

In focus of the photography of Michael Schwan are the abandoned places. For this passion he travels from his home in Germany to unknown places throughout Europe. As a reward await him not only...

Abandoned places
Europe / Germany / Freiberg

The Observing Collective / Conceptual  photography by Photographer Ralph Gräf ★5 | STRKNG

The Observing Collective - © Ralph Gräf

last glow / Abandoned places  photography by Photographer christian richter ★8 | STRKNG

last glow - © christian richter

enter the past / Abandoned places  photography by Photographer christian richter ★8 | STRKNG

enter the past - © christian richter

Black mould house / Abandoned places  photography by Photographer Kathrin Broden ★1 | STRKNG

Black mould house - © Kathrin Broden

toneless / Abandoned places  photography by Photographer Michael Schwan | STRKNG

toneless - © Michael Schwan


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Eliya 6 81

Eliya, french model, 29 years old. I'm model since 2 years, i'm freelance and in agency in Paris and Cannes. I love working on different kind of pictures (lingerie, lifestyle, nude, portrait,...

Nude / Fashion / Beauty / Abandoned places
Europe / France / Marseille

La Mystique 2 144

Hobby/Amateur model from germany, Hamburg.

Portrait / Abandoned places / People
Europe / Germany / Saarland


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