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Nude pictures must not lose their naturalness. That your body has no clothes should not be the core message of the picture. If everything is correct, I will take the picture, regardless of whether you...

Europe / Germany / Thüringen / Erfurt

Rockabilly / Wedding  photography by Photographer Andersgrafie | STRKNG

Rockabilly - © Andersgrafie

The Staircase / Wedding  photography by Photographer Ken Gehring | STRKNG

The Staircase - © Ken Gehring

Innocent / Wedding  photography by Photographer Madeleine Kriese ★3 | STRKNG

Innocent - © Madeleine Kriese

Emotion / Wedding  photography by Photographer Andersgrafie | STRKNG

Emotion - © Andersgrafie

bridalsadness / Portrait  photography by Photographer K.Art Fotografie | STRKNG

bridalsadness - © K.Art Fotografie


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