"actor" - photography


Alexander Veledzimovich 3 456

Free lance photographer (Belarus) 2009 – personal exhibition «Quiet City» - during the Days of Belarusian-Swedish Photography in Vitebsk, Belarus; 2012 – joint exhibition «Ex oriente lux»,...

People / Still life / Documentary
Europe / Belarus / Vitebsk

Thomas Ringhofer 1 949

autodidact photograph living in Graz, Austria. photography feeds my soul - data science feeds me and my family. i'm focused on people photography and like specially the interaction between the...

Europe / Austria / Graz

Andrei Runcanu 1 1081

I started out as a computer geek and became a programmer, then I studied drama and became an actor. And then I started playing with a camera. Now I have more than one camera and I'm playing a lot....

Europe / Romania / Bucharest

Alina Gross 1409

2017-2011 Gastdozentin am Fashion Design Institut Düsseldorf im Fach Fotografie / Modefotografie / Grundlagen für Modedesigner und Modejournalisten (1. – 4. Semester) 2016 Teilnahme an mehreren...

Fashion / Beauty / Wedding
Europe / Germany / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Wuppertal