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ungemuetlich \ raw - Eintrag von Fotograf ungemuetlich / 05.12.2018 18:45

© ungemuetlich

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ungemuetlich \ raw

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Frida Fotografie 5

Self-taught photographer living near Munic. I love waterportraits, freckles, red hair and that special kind of colors.

Europa / Deutschland / Bayern / Munich

pwb-fotografie.de 3

Petra W.Barathova - fine art photography Like a painting Hommage Allegory Portrait Sensual

Europa / Deutschland / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Cologne

Tim 2

My name is Tim Engle, I am very fortunate to be able to work in the field I love. For me, photography consistently provides new challenges and rewards. Looking through the lens is what I've always...

Nordamerika / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Dieter Kunzke 2

People and streets are my favorite topics. I'm looking for reduction, clearity and intensity. I love Italien NeoRealismo.

Europa / Deutschland / Krefeld


PRESS AND PUBLICATIONS: - Published with interview by Deutsche Welle / Women talk online / Gender Roles - Published on La Tribuna Honduras / Hombre quedó en bancarrota y quemó todo lo que...

Europa / Deutschland / Berlin

Miss Souls 71

German model with red hair and many different styles. I work since years in front of the camera and I've worked with various incredible photographers.

Europa / Deutschland / Bonn

Muirgen 57

fire around my head snow on my skin ocean in my eyes

Europa / Deutschland / Sachsen / Leipzig

aeons of silence 7

alternative model. Likes melancholic, reduced art but at the same time also opulent/romantic fairytale photography. Available for TfP projects.

Europa / Deutschland / Nordrhein-Westfalen

Reni Roja 2

German alternative model located in NRW tattoed, vintage lover and very mutable in different roles Always searching for new connections and shooting possibilities

Europa / Deutschland / Mönchengladbach

remember me. / Portrait  Fotografie von Model Lisa ★104 | STRKNG

remember me. - © Lisa
Andrea Hübner

kingdom / Portrait  Fotografie von Fotografin ESPRIT CONFUS ★87 | STRKNG

kingdom - © ESPRIT CONFUS

redcoat / Nude  Fotografie von Model grethe_mn ★42 | STRKNG

redcoat - © grethe_mn
Stefan Klüter

natural beauty is beyond compare / Portrait  Fotografie von Fotograf SCHABERNACK-FOTOGRAFIE ★42 | STRKNG

natural beauty is beyond compare - © SCHABERNACK-FOTOGRAFIE
Widget Neumeyer

Gestrandet / Fine Art  Fotografie von Model Deborah H. ★9 | STRKNG

Gestrandet - © Deborah H.
Michelle Stolte

kalk und rost / Nude  Fotografie von Model Muirgen ★57 | STRKNG

kalk und rost - © Muirgen
Corwin von Kuhwede


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