"music" - Fotografie

Vivienne B 30

My works are influenced by Italy’s rich artistic heritage, painting and culture. Each shot is designed around the subject’s face, and it’s full of references to painting and art history. I love...

Europa / Italien / Turin

framafo 23

Frank Machalowski is a German award winning photographic artist and photographer, who lives and work in Berlin. After studying economic studies in Berlin and applying himself to various trades he...

Europa / Deutschland / Sachsen / Leipzig

Peyman Naderi 14

Peyman Naderi is a Persian contemporary fine art and portrait photographer born in 1990. He is a self-taught photographer who started his first professional projects in the year 2013. As he began...

Asien / Iran / Tehran

Zwischensequenz 11

Jonas Albrecht was born 1991 in Hamburg-Barmbek, Germany. Jonas artistic passion focused on artists, musicians and documentation. He wants to capture the power of the perceived simplistic and...

Europa / Deutschland / Hamburg / Hamburg

Léon Leijdekkers 9

Born 1962, Zierikzee, The Netherlands. In my undoubtedly colorful memory, I mainly spent my youth wandering through nature on the beautiful island Schouwen-Duiveland. It’s then that I started taking...

Europa / Niederlande / Enschede

gilles 5

Photographer based in Berlin. Natural portrait, nude and music photography. All pictures with available light. If you like my pictures, don't hesitate to ask me for a shooting.

Europa / Deutschland / Berlin / Berlin

Caro 14

Hello! I am a creative wild soul from Germany. Since 2016 I work as a professional photomodel for commericals, music videos, workshops, model coachings, stock photos and photographers that simply...

Europa / Portugal / Faro

claudia 2

Italian model agency-signed and freelance, living in France and available worldwide. I love martial arts, travels, languages, punk-metal music and photography. I speak English, French, Spanish and...

Europa / Frankreich / Marseille

Bartholomäus Wischnewski 40

CEXN is a label that is reaching beyond fashion to costuming art and that has developed a unique style of divine beauty hand in hand with its disruption. Using unusual materials crafted into organic...

Europa / Deutschland / Rheinland-Pfalz / Mainz

Homo Cellisticus / Photomanipulation  Fotografie von Fotografin Maria Frodl ★41 | STRKNG

Homo Cellisticus - © Maria Frodl

the puppet player / Nude  Fotografie von Fotograf DirkBee ★12 | STRKNG

the puppet player - © DirkBee

Ein deutscher Junge weint nicht - Ewane Makia / Konzeptionell  Fotografie von Fotograf Sebastian Berger ★4 | STRKNG

Ein deutscher Junge weint nicht - Ewane Makia - © Sebastian Berger
Ewane Makia | Simon Vennekamp (MUA)

can see the music / Menschen  Fotografie von Fotograf Victor Bezrukov ★6 | STRKNG

can see the music - © Victor Bezrukov

Laura Carbone / Menschen  Fotografie von Fotograf Frank Buttenbender ★3 | STRKNG

Laura Carbone - © Frank Buttenbender

Music / Portrait  Fotografie von Fotograf Jens Holbein ★5 | STRKNG

Music - © Jens Holbein

Arts and Culture - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Hans-Martin Doelz / 11.05.2021 11:55
Arts and Culture #1 / Everyday / Art,Culture
Arts and Culture #1
Arts and Culture #2 / Everyday / Art,Culture
Arts and Culture #2
Arts and Culture #3 / Everyday / Art,Culture
Arts and Culture #3
A visit to Bryan Ferry in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Hans-Martin Doelz / 19.04.2021 07:22
Bryan Ferry #1 / Fotojournalismus
Bryan Ferry #1
Bryan Ferry #2 / Fotojournalismus
Bryan Ferry #2
Bryan Ferry #3 / Fotojournalismus
Bryan Ferry #3
Bryan Ferry #4 / Fotojournalismus
Bryan Ferry #4
Close II - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Carpe Lucem / 06.03.2021 20:11
» #1/3 « / Close II / Blog-Beitrag von <a href="https://strkng.com/de/fotograf/carpe+lucem/">Fotograf Carpe Lucem</a> / 06.03.2021 20:11 / Menschen
» #2/3 « / Close II / Blog-Beitrag von <a href="https://strkng.com/de/fotograf/carpe+lucem/">Fotograf Carpe Lucem</a> / 06.03.2021 20:11 / Menschen
» #3/3 « / Close II / Blog-Beitrag von <a href="https://strkng.com/de/fotograf/carpe+lucem/">Fotograf Carpe Lucem</a> / 06.03.2021 20:11 / Nude
Burundi in meinem Herzen - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Andreas Ebner / 10.02.2021 18:35
tree / Portrait / burundi,solingen,water,river,tree,wood
hat / Portrait / burundi,wuppertal,outdoor,beauty,girl
rings / Dokumentation / burundi,africa,drums,music,outdoor,concert,cologne
africa / Dokumentation / burundi,africa,drums,music,outdoor,concert
drums / Dokumentation / burundi,africa,drums,music,outdoor
music / Dokumentation / burundi,africa,drums,music,outdoor
dancing / Dokumentation / burundi,africa,drums,music,outdoor
laughing / Dokumentation / burundi,africa,drums,outdoor,music
hidden joy / Dokumentation / burundi,africa,drums,music
hidden joy
Dana rockt Jimi Hendrix Todestag - Blog-Beitrag von Fotograf Craft Werk 4 / 11.01.2021 18:28
Penny Lane loves Jimi  / Portrait / Portrait,Music,Sensual,Girl,Model,Jimi
Penny Lane loves Jimi
Experienced / Portrait / Music,Jimi,Portrait,Woodstock,Hendrix,Girl,Smoke,Peace
Dana plays Jimi / Portrait / Music,Jimi,Hendrix,Guitar,Peace,Woodstock,Girl,Model,Beauty
Dana plays Jimi
Jimis locker room / Portrait / Music,Guitar,Jimi,Hendrix,Model,Vintage
Jimis locker room
Rock that thing / Portrait / bnw,Guitar,sensual,monochrome,girl,Music
Rock that thing
Dance to the Music....Dance / Portrait / Music,Dance,Monochrome,Girl,sensual,Portrait,bnw
Dance to the Music....Dance
Fire / Portrait / Jimi,Hendrix,Music,Fire,Girl,Model,Rock,Guitar
Play it like Jimi Hendrix / Portrait / Music,Hendrix,Guitar,Portrait,Model,Marshall,Rock
Play it like Jimi Hendrix
Right before the gig / Portrait / Music,Jimi,Hendrix,Guitar,Girl,Model,Portrait,Rock
Right before the gig

Dein bestes Bild 2020/ Your best image 2020

Many thanks to all participants!

We have selected just some of your posts ...

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Photographer Renate Wasinger https://2augenblick.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Claudy B. https://strkng.com/en/photographer/claudy+b-/ Photographer LICHTundNICHT https://strkng.com/en/photographer/lichtundnicht/ Photographer hetocy https://strkng.com/en/photographer/hetocy/ Model Lin Chong https://linchong.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Kai Mueller https://kaimueller.strkng.com/en/ Photographer J. F. Novotny https://jfnovotny.strkng.com/en/ Photographer DirkBee https://dirkbee.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Christian Fuhrmann https://strkng.com/en/photographer/christian+fuhrmann/ Photographer Jan Goldenbaum https://strkng.com/en/photographer/jan+goldenbaum/ Photographer Greggory Wood https://strkng.com/en/photographer/greggory+wood/ Photographer Iso_fotografie https://strkng.com/en/photographer/iso-fotografie/ Photographer Manuela Deigert https://strkng.com/en/photographer/manuela+deigert/ Photographer Resa Rot https://resarot.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Axel Schneegass https://axelschneegass.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Benzin Daniela https://strkng.com/en/photographer/benzin+daniela/ Photographer Thomas Ringhofer https://strkng.com/en/photographer/thomas+ringhofer/ Photographer Ruslan Hrushchak https://strkng.com/en/photographer/ruslan+hrushchak/ Photographer schieflicht https://schieflicht.strkng.com/en/ Model Lysann https://lysann.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Paul Neugebauer https://paulneugebauer.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Gregor Sticker https://gregorsfoto.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Alex Fremer https://alexfremer.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Thomas Illhardt https://strkng.com/en/photographer/thomas+illhardt/ Photographer schrill https://strkng.com/en/photographer/schrill/ Model Muscarin https://strkng.com/en/model/muscarin/ Photographer marseiphoto https://strkng.com/en/photographer/marseiphoto/ Photographer Marta Glinska https://strkng.com/en/photographer/marta+gli%C5%84ska/ Photographer kiitos_c https://strkng.com/en/photographer/kiitos-c/ Photographer R.e.m.i https://strkng.com/en/photographer/r-e-m-i/ Photographer Carpe Lucem https://strkng.com/en/photographer/carpe+lucem/ Photographer Dirk Rohra https://dirkrohra.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Kathrin Broden https://strkng.com/en/photographer/kathrin+broden/ Photographer Lars Krüger https://strkng.com/en/photographer/lars+kr%C3%BCger/ Photographer Torsten Kuban https://strkng.com/en/photographer/torsten+kuban/ Photographer Zwischensequenz https://zwischensequenz.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Heinz Porten https://strkng.com/en/photographer/heinz+porten/ Photographer Storvandre Photography https://strkng.com/en/photographer/storvandre+photography/ Photographer Robertino Radovix https://strkng.com/en/photographer/robertino+radovix/ Photographer Falko Matte https://strkng.com/en/photographer/falko+matte/ Photographer Carola Bührmann https://strkng.com/en/photographer/carola+b%C3%BChrmann/ Photographer Craft Werk 4 https://strkng.com/en/photographer/craft+werk+4/ Photographer Lichtmichl https://strkng.com/en/photographer/lichtmichl/ Photographer Andreas Ebner https://strkng.com/en/photographer/andreas+ebner/ Photographer Walter Eckardt https://lichtundlicht.strkng.com/en/ Photographer BeLaPho https://belapho.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Rob Linsalata https://roblinsalata.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Keith Brighouse https://strkng.com/en/photographer/keith+brighouse/ Photographer Astrid Susanna Schulz https://strkng.com/en/photographer/astrid+susanna+schulz/ Photographer Henrik Mee Løvgret https://strkng.com/en/photographer/henrik+mee+l%C3%B8vgret/ Photographer Andrew W Pilling https://strkng.com/en/photographer/andrew+w+pilling/ Photographer Roland Mühler https://strkng.com/en/photographer/roland+m%C3%BChler/ Photographer ugrandolini https://ugrandolini.strkng.com/en/ Photographer Peter Meyer https://strkng.com/en/photographer/peter+meyer/ Photographer Marc Schnyder https://strkng.com/en/photographer/marc+schnyder/ Photographer | Aurora | https://strkng.com/en/photographer/-+aurora+-/ Photographer Carlos Odeh https://strkng.com/en/photographer/carlos+odeh/ Photographer Nick Myshkin https://strkng.com/en/photographer/nick+myshkin/ Photographer Matthias Naumann https://strkng.com/en/photographer/matthias+naumann/

The original pictures (uncensored) can be found on this page: https://strkng.com/en/blog/b2132
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