02.07.2021 14:00 

Dark Drifting Dreams

Stephan Joachim and I had a make-up session. In the bath tub. Dark lip stick, milk bath, gloomy look, moody attitude, told stories, emotions... we got arty and creative and created something that combines art, make-up, film and deep atmosphere.
Have a look!

Carla Gesikiewicz

STRKNG Teilnehmer der Portfolio-Bilder


Größe (cm)
Gewicht (kg)
36 XS
Fashion, Glamour, Runway, Lingerie, Swimwear, Editorial, Lifestyle, Hair/Makeup, Fitness, Nude, Underwater, Promotional Modeling, Sports, Portrait

I am a model, art model and actress and together with my love Stephan Joachim we create fine art photography with all our heart.
If you want to see more of it or buy something have a look on: www.kunstphotographien.de and feel free to contact me or him!

Art photography as well as commercial, beauty, fashion and more you can find on my website: www.carlagesikiewicz.de where you can also find my email adress to contact me for booking requests (no tfp).

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