After registration you can create a portfolio as a photographer , model or designer/brand or you can just stay a guest.
Upload at least 1 image to activate your portfolio - of course it is better if you upload more images ( maximum of 9 ) to give the visitors a good overview of your work.
STRKNG is free. In the VIP version we have compiled several features that are especially interesting for professional users.

STRKNG is free in the basic version and can be used indefinitely.
In the VIP version we have compiled some features that are especially interesting for professional users.

Your first password and the activation link might landed in the spam mailbox.
Have a look, move the e-mail to Inmail and add the sender to your contacts so you do not miss an important message.

You can always use the Forgot Password function to resend new login-data.

Your account will be activated with the first login at last.

Choose well, because the number of possible portfolio images is limited to 9 (or 18 at VIP account).
Select the images that represent you and your work best.
The awards of your images will affect your overall ranking: If you replace awarded images by others, you lose those points. But then you have probably the chance to get even more awards with the better image.

Currently, the largest images are calculated down to an edge length of 1200px. Please use .jpg images with max. size of 6MB.

Choose the right category for your image. We have set up a own area for wedding pictures .

Beside stars, bookmarks and imagevotings it is very important that influential people (with a high ranking) like your work.
Is also very good, if you're named as participants in other image that shows that your work is also used.

Each participant has a limited number of , which can anonymously distributed to the best images, photographers and models of the user's choice.
The should it be distributed only to the Top Participants and best work and may be again withdrawn and redistributed.
The distribution of has a decisive influence on the overall ranking.

Use the to bookmark inspiring work, or to follow the work of a specific participants.
The distribution of has a slight influence on the overall ranking.

A contingent of / can be assigned every day. It renews itself. This has a slight influence on the overall ranking.

The page with new pictures is one of the most important entrance pages at STRKNG for our visitors.
Pictures can be hidden by editors from this page. These pictures are then still part of your portfolio but no longer part of the page with new STRKNG pictures.
Reasons could be:

  • The quality does not correspond to the required basic quality. Technical, design or content deficiencies. STRKNG images should be clear, impressive and / or unusual. We prefer natural and timeless photography. The more pictures of a species we have in our collection, the higher the requirements will be.
  • Content is sexist, flat or pornographic. Nude photography is an important and beautiful aspect of STRKNG. We promote aesthetic photography, which places the model/s respectfully in scene. Exceptions prove the rule. STRKNG is not supposed to be a collection of photographs of unusual sexual preferences, but rather display the artistic aspects of erotic photography.
  • Your logo is displayed too powerful in the picture or the link under the image is dominating self-promotion. Your image contains logos from other photo pages.
    STRKNG is not build to be a cheap advertisement magazine full of ads. We would rather have the experience of visiting a beautiful gallery.
  • Wedding pictures in wrong categories. We have set up a own area for wedding pictures . If your images shows a couple in wedding dresses, or if you have a portrait of a bride or groom, "wedding" is usually the right category.

Yes and no!

We would be very happy if you could recommend STRKNG.
But your friends should be able to come and see for themselves and to evaluate all the pictures honestly and anonymously.
If your pictures are considered by your friends, this is nice for you and will of course not be objected. Our concept is a departure from the well-known Buddy networks and a contribution to honest evaluation of quality.

We can determine technically, however, if a "friend account" was only created, in order to push your account exclusively, but is otherwise inactive. Such an account is unfair, is contrary to our terms of participation and can be deleted by us without warning.
Attention: Your pictures will then be less promoted by us, even if they are good. In case of repetition your main account will also be deleted.