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Gaspard Noël 3

French artist based in Paris Metaphysical selfportraits Awarded at the Salon d'Automne

Europe / France / Lille

The Jazz Singers - Blog post by Photographer Keith Brighouse / 2020-12-21 22:20
Bianca Salons and Liselot van Oosteram / Documentary / jazz,singers,female,woman,women,bar
Bianca Salons and Liselot van Oosteram
Bianca and Liselot outside Dizzy's / Documentary / jazz,singers,female,women,woman,bar
Bianca and Liselot outside Dizzy's
Bianca performing / Documentary / jazz,singer,female,woman,performance,performing
Bianca performing
Liselot performing / Documentary / jazz,singer,female,woman
Liselot performing
Bianca singing / Documentary / jazz,singer,female,woman,performer,performance,performing
Bianca singing
Bianca and Liselot performing / Documentary / jazz,singers,bar,female,woman,women,singing,performance,performing
Bianca and Liselot performing


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