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The Anatomy of a Selfportrait / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

The Anatomy of a Selfportrait - © Sofia Dalamagka

Unquiet Mind / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

Unquiet Mind - © Sofia Dalamagka

Dear Diary / Black and White  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

Dear Diary - © Sofia Dalamagka

The Crab woman / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

The Crab woman - © Sofia Dalamagka

Bipolarity / Black and White  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

Bipolarity - © Sofia Dalamagka

Parallel Voices / Mood  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

Parallel Voices - © Sofia Dalamagka

Body Perfomance / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

Body Perfomance - © Sofia Dalamagka

Fertility / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

Fertility - © Sofia Dalamagka

Existenicial  exodus / Fine Art  photography by Photographer Sofia Dalamagka | STRKNG

Existenicial exodus - © Sofia Dalamagka

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Anomymous Persona  / gender,identity,docomentary,women,surrealism,stereotypes,self,selfportrait
Anomymous Persona
Forbitten Desire / Konzeptionell / sofiadalamagka,selfportrait,self-portrait,self,bodyperfomance
Forbitten Desire
Anger  / Konzeptionell / moodportrait,selfportraiture,selfportrait,sofiadalamagka,surrealism,self
Gender / Konzeptionell / gender,androgunous,identity,selfportrait,selfportraiture,blackandwhite,sofiadalamagka,conceptualphotography
A matter of light  / Konzeptionell / fineartnude,fineartportrait,blackandwhite,nude,sensual,selfportrait,selfportraiture,gender,identity,sofiadalamagka
A matter of light
Suffocation  / Konzeptionell / sofiadalamagka,selfportrait,fineartnude,fineartportrait,surrealism,coneptual,project
Reflection of Shame  / Konzeptionell / conceptual,conceptualphotgraphy,shame,reflection,selfportrait,self-portrait,sofiadalamagka
Reflection of Shame
A pig eat a pig  / Konzeptionell / conpeptualphotography,sofiadalamagka,surrealism,surreal,conceptual,selfportrait,selfportraiture,self-portrait,self,moodportrait,gender,identity,stereotypes
A pig eat a pig
Hide and seek  / Konzeptionell / selfportrait,self-portrait,self,surrealism,sofiadalamagka,selfportraiture,surreal,conceptualphotography,gender,identity,moodportrait
Hide and seek


Shame was born one late afternoon in January,2,maybe 3 years ago, in a room of a hotel in Budapest .For a long time it didn’t have any shape, even if its presence was there...

Looking back at that time, i don’t see a title or existence, as if i fell into a trap, and got out again...
Suddenly as time went by, there was a moment which sparkled the idea, there had to be a fight with reality, the camera became the connection between subconsciousness and existence...
The following pictures, are part of my own confessions, like a mirror which reflects fear, desire, phantasies, nightmares, memories...Nothing else...
In order to create this, i had to draw up my own memories or those of people close to me, i had to "borrow" their stories which i recreated from the beginning...
I tried, most of the time, through a surreal way, to express the different details of the body, the right to be angry, to be enraged, violent, sad...I met -found me, my own self on the other side, playing the role of the person being photographed or, being the photographer.
Every picture was a role-play, a real or imaginary person, a painful procedure which i had to imprint-reflect without knowing if i managed to show the war taking place inside us living in a fake, made out of paper, world, where morality and discrimination are at war with the perfection of a modern, neurotic woman who must hysterically accept and faithfully follow flawless beauty and filters on Instagram and social media...

I was influenced by photographers, painters, writers in order to create SHAME, for example Cindy Shermans work, the theatrical figures and stage persona she created inspired me to try and create a debate between these pictures so as to create* questions and not to give answers about how complicated women, as an existence, are...
De Bovouars "LE DEUXIEME SEXE I ET II" and the acceptance of her saying ""Woman is not born, you become."" made the original idea, stronger...
Her sexual implications in her play Claudia Cahum, her search of identity, the right to be different.... >
Frida Kahlo's surreal mood, her taut self-portraits

Sofia Dalamagka


My work is surreal. Symbolizations, implications, and disguised up-drawings of memories, dominate. I have been affected by hyper-realism and the Dada movement. Lately I have been experimenting with mix-media techniques.
My inspiration comes from unsatisfaction. From love. From small, apparently indifferent details which will turn into the whole universe of the artist if you isolate each of them…From every barely noticeable thing. Taste, sound, felling, crash and crumble of everyday people. From memories.
Most of the times, I already see the project in front of my eyes before even starting to plan it. Like a vision. I almost always write down the possible take, because my ideas are elusive and I sometimes forget them. From that moment on, I stage the pictures inside my head for months. It’s a creative procedure, it demands theatrical skills, even the search and purchase of objects which are necessary for the creation of the scenery.
Art doesn’t give you answers, it creates questions is my moto.