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Planking / Photomanipulation  photography by Photographer Marina Gondra | STRKNG

Planking - © Marina Gondra


Since she was young, Marina Gondra already showed her first drawing skills, and at age 15 became interested in the world of photography. In 2006 she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she focused on painting for 5 years, leaving photography as a hobby during her spare time and always learning in an autodidact way. During that period, the study of painting allows her to evolve her pictures, being the color a very important aspect she takes into account nowadays.
In the last year of career, she begins to feel the need to continue taking pictures, and she get her first job as a photographer in important companies like Google and Airbnb (which currently works), and she lets the painting in the background.
It was not until 2012 when she began to make her first compositions, coinciding with a time of great change in his life, in which she had to take a trip where she spent a long time in solitude. The camera was the one who accompanied her during that trip, and that helped her learn to enjoy those moments when she was alone. She started to make her first self-portraits, in which always tried, in a fantastic way, to represent her world, her ideas and even that life problems she faced every day. Basically, she learned to express herself through a language which at that time was virtually new to her

Today she dedicates her life to digital art photography, not only working for companies and national and international publishers, but also giving lectures and holding exhibitions.